Tuesdays: Tell Me Something Tuesday #1

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This week:
Do you have to read a series in order no matter what?
          I do! I’m very uptight. If I start a book, without knowing, because if I knew, I would never have started a series out of order; and while reading I finds out that it’s not the first book, I will stop it. I will read the rest of the series and only then finish that book.
          I’m a very organized soul by nature. I have a tag machine that drives my entire family crazy. My house have tags in all sort of places, and my family still manage to get things in the wrong place. My books are in alphabetical order, my clothes are in color blocks, and I guess my mind function better this way. You would think my house is spotless,  well, it is not. With three kids, five cats and 3 dogs, everything is always messy. lol
          About books, I suffer from guilty-conscious-syndrome. I start reading than I create in my own mind a brain alert that says I’m missing VERY important points, and it makes me go back to the beginning of the series. On my review policies I’ve stated that I won’t get book 2 of a series, without haven’t read book 1. 
          I guess I’m wired this way. What about you?
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5 responses to “Tuesdays: Tell Me Something Tuesday #1

  1. I am impressed at your mad organization skills. I have always been a fly by the seat kind of pants gal, that is probably why I can handle reading a series out of order, yeah I know, gasp! Thanks for being a part of TMST this week! You are awesome!

  2. I am wired that way too! I have done the exact same thing while reading a book and gone “this isn’t the start!”
    Books to me are read in order, and all at once. (I don’t like waiting)

    88dreamers @ Seriesly Reading