Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Mistress for Hire by Letty James

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Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Mistress for Hire by Letty James

I received this book for free from Bewitching Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Spotlight, Review & Giveaway: Mistress for Hire by Letty JamesMistress For Hire by Letty James
Published by Soul Mate Publishing on October 15, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 172
Source: Bewitching Book Tours
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Stranded in Paris, Nikki Sommers is desperate for a job, willing to sweep the floors of a local bakery. But Gérard Beauvais knows where Nikki needs to be – not in the bakery, but in his bed. Offering her a job as his personal assistant, Gérard introduces Nikki to the workings of international business, along with the romance and beauty of Paris.

Nikki falls under Gérard’s magnetic spell, only to get a nasty surprise when she discovers she is merely a pawn in an international scandal involving her own sister. Her heart is torn between family and a love she had only fantasized about.

Will she win Gérard’s heart or only be his Mistress for Hire?


Excerpt Chapter One

He entered the pâtisserie like a conquering warrior, indecisive patrons falling aside in the wake of his determination to reach the pastry case. His nostrils flared as he inhaled the essence of the bakery. Nikki shrank back from the power emanating from him as clearly as the smell of freshly baked bread rippled from the ovens in back.

Her grandmother’s letter crumpled in her hand. She thrust it into the pocket of her jacket.

The proprietress pushed through the other gray-haired clerks to wait on the man. “Bonjour, Gérard. What can I get for you today?”

To Nikki, the air in the bakery stood still as the massive man swept his chestnut mane off his forehead and his eyes scanned the wide display case full of sweet delicacies.

“Un petit macaron de mangue, s’il vous plaît.”

One small mango macaroon? How could such a large man limit himself to one bite?

“How are we to stay in business with customers ordering one macaron at a time?” she scolded him teasingly as one would a child.

He smiled slowly, his face softening as he looked at her. “Madame, you would make me fat.” He patted his exceptionally trim middle.

“Hmpf.” Madame shook her head and began to fill a large white cardboard box with pastries. Before she could close it, he thrust out his meaty hand, gesturing for the macaron. Nikki pushed her glasses up her nose, watching as he popped the red-and-orange-tinted cookie into his mouth. He closed his eyes, his face tilted toward the heavens, and his hands clenched the lapels of his black wool coat.

His groans and sighs filled the small room. Nikki’s body flushed as she imagined him groaning like that over a woman—over her. She pushed her glasses up again and wiped the perspiration off her upper lip, watching his tongue move under his lips, over his teeth. She couldn’t look away. She felt the pleasure as he felt it. The barely-there crunch of crust, the smooth interior, the silk of mango cream across his tongue. His tongue that would slide across hers when he kissed her. Sucking wet kisses that would consume her.

His eyes opened, a smoky blue-gray, targeting her, his stare pinning her to the wall. Could he see her lust—exposed as clearly as if she were naked before him? Nikki held his hot gaze, desire shimmering between them, then broke the contact, staring down unseeing toward the glass case. Her gut clenched and her heart pounded. By the time she looked up, his broad back blocked the light from the door. Not thinking, she stepped after him, only to be caught up short by the swirling gray fog. He had disappeared, taking her fantasies with him.


Gérard Beauvais adjusted his scarf against the chill wind, rustling dry leaves through the dark cobblestone alley and cursed his morning flight of fancy. As he strode away, he ran his hand down his face, blowing out a sigh. His reaction to the blonde had startled him—an instant attraction that made him forget the sensations in his mouth and feel other longings. He’d forced himself to turn away and not be tempted. He had enough aggravation in his life. But something about her niggled at his brain. Her high cheekbones, the tilt of her head.


He stopped short, the string of the pastry box cutting into his fingers. Of course! She had to be Jessica’s sister! The younger one supposedly still in the States. Once he realized it, the family resemblance was obvious, although he had never reacted to Jessica in such a physical way. Cursing his weakness, he tamped it down, his mind rolling over other complications.

Had she come to demand ransom for the files Jessica held hostage? Gérard turned to confront the conniving bitch, tossing the pastries into the nearest trashcan. He would shake her until the answers rattled out of her head.

Rounding the corner, he halted, seeing Tante Emmaline and the blonde in the window. Emmaline patted the younger woman while she wiped her tears with a tissue. Crocodile tears. Jessica only had to pull that trick on him once to see he was immune. Emmaline certainly had a softer heart than he as she pulled the woman further into the bakery, probably to fill the thief’s belly with sweets while listening to some preposterous sob story.

Gérard’s eyes narrowed as he stepped back into the warmth of the bakery.

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Nikki Sommers has grow up dreaming of studying in Paris and learning how to be a pastry chef. When she finally arrives there, nothing is as it seems. Even her dreams feels a bit wrong. She signs a contract without reading it, and ends up at the hands of a man that make her body melts, and her heart beat. How will she pursuit her dreams as a Mistress for hire?

Gérard Beauvais doesn’t trust easily, and when he sees Nikki he knows she is up for no good. He makes an unusual business deal with her, while looking for the moment that she will betray him. What he finds in place is so much more. Is he ready for love?

Mistress for Hire is a fast, sweet and short read. Both main characters are nice, and the plot has an ok flow. The setting, Paris food world, is enchanting and the story made my mouth water at points.

I was a bit confused by the plot. I was never sure what was the relation of the characters with the bakery in Paris, and also the main conflict of the story, was a case that was not very well explained. It left a few blank spaces for me, which made it hard to connect in my opinion.

Ms. James has a nice concept within this book, and I believe she could explore it further if she wish in the future.

You may read this book because you enjoy a sweet romance; you should read this book because you dream of Paris and would love to be taken there; but you MUST read this book if you are looking for a couple hours of relaxing with a cute love story in hand!



About Letty James

Letty James has been devouring romance novels ever since she hid under the covers reading Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers. And, yes, searching for all the sexy parts. She completed her first novel participating in National Novel Writing Month in 2005 and has been writing furiously ever since, fueled by chocolate and multiple cups of tea.

Along with writing, she enjoys reading, painting, watching movies featuring studly men, and listening in on other people’s conversations.

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Overall: three-stars
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