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Review & Spotlight: Falli..

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Review & Spotlight: Falling Through Darkness by Kira Berger

    Contemporary Romance; Romantic suspense. Dual-POV. In reality it was ONE-POV, with only one chapter of Duncan’s POV. Stand-alone, for now, but is clear that we will get Duncan’s brother book next. Addictiveness: Highly addictive. This books started with a BANG, really the prologue puts you inside the story not wanting to let go. Character: […]

Cover Reveal, Excerpt Reveal &..

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Cover Reveal, Excerpt Reveal & Giveaway: Falling Through Darkness by Kira Berger

  PROLOGUE Damp. Dark. Dead. Words keep flitting through my mind on an endless loop, trying to pull me into the darkness hovering on the fringes of my mind. It would be easy, so easy to let go. To give in, give up… Stop the endless fighting. What’s the point anyway? This time I won’t […]