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Spotlight & Review: Sin b..

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Spotlight & Review: Sin by Ketley Allison

    Wow! Ms. Allison is only getting me more addicted to this. I wish I could read the next installment right now! Really this is one of the worst reviews ever, and I’m sorry for that. But I’m still in shock! When I believe I know anything, I’m always proven wrong. Oh, please: DONT […]

Spotlight: Exposed Ecstasy by ..

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Spotlight: Exposed Ecstasy by Houston Havens

Words can never express the emotions needed to be heard by the heart. Tessla Reto escapes the Underworld after she finds the two men sent to help her are dead. She’s rescued by a handsome stranger…or is she? Faerydae’s search for truth and peace abruptly ends when a woman who stirs everything he’s spent a […]

Review: Snapped by Ketley Alli..

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Review: Snapped by Ketley Allison

    ***** This is part 1 of a serial, there is no ending per se. Also, this is a mystery serial, I can’t divulge much without spoiling, so the review is going to be brief.***** Part one of the series explains vaguely about the crime someone committed and then goes back nine weeks, and […]