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Review: Wolf Hunger by Paige T..

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Review: Wolf Hunger by Paige Tyler

Even though I haven’t read all books from the series, I had no problem following up the story. It works as a stand-alone inside a series!     Plot: It’s a really interesting plot. I love a good shifter book and in the midst of so many out there, Ms. Tyler has brought something unique […]

Review: The Guardian by Anna D..

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Review: The Guardian by Anna Del Mar

  Under my rules of limited engagement, looking was fine. Ogling was stupid. Salivating was downright forbidden.     Cover: I like the cover. It sends the right message. I know it’s going to be a military romance. I can sort of guess the setting. I also like the mood with the beautiful sunset in […]

Book Blast, Review & Give..

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Book Blast, Review & Giveaway: Love, Alchemy by Eden Ashley

  Unexpected! Different! Mouth-watering hero with a kick-ass heroine!!! Davey is close to finish high school and all she can think about is to go away for college. She wants to move out of her unstable home and start a new life for herself. Some bad choices from her part brings horrible consequences. Now she must […]

Review: To Love a Texas Ranger..

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Review: To Love a Texas Ranger by Linda Broday

When trouble comes, stand proud. You are a Legend. Inside you beats the heart of a survivor. by Sam   … Those Legend’s men. Really, I fell in love with all of them. I can see at least two more books coming in this series, but I really would love three more. Not only the […]

Book Review: Irresistible Seal..

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Book Review: Irresistible Seal book 1

I’ll settle for Mrs. Right Now,”I said, before quickly amending myself. “Or, in my case, Mrs. Right When I Get Back Home!” This book was one of the many freebies I decided to download because of the mouth-watering cover. Yes, I know! I like alpha males, and I’m a “cover slut”. Freebie aside, I found […]