REVIEW:Cocky Striker by Evan Grace

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REVIEW:Cocky Striker by Evan Grace

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

REVIEW:Cocky Striker by Evan GraceCocky Striker by Evan Grace
Series: Cocky Hero Club
Published by INC on July 19, 2020
Genres: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Format: ARC, digital e-book
Source: Give Me Books Promotions
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Some say I’m cocky — I say I’m confident.

Things have always come easy for me; sports, academics…girls. And I’ve used all of that to my advantage the past three years of college.
I’ve got it all, or at least I thought I did until Laken walks into my life.
I've never desired a relationship like my parents have, but there is some mysterious pull I feel toward this brunette I’ve noticed around campus.
And with each interaction we have, I long to know her more. Yet the closer we get, the harder she resists and the higher the walls go up.
I sense there’s something more – a secret she’s hiding – one she doesn’t trust to share with me yet.
But she will, if I have my way, and I’ll do anything if she’ll take a chance on me. On us. I grew up hearing the story of how my parents met, their separation, how my dad fought for them, and their happily ever after. I just never expected or wanted to find that for myself.
Now that I have I don’t want to ever let them go.

But when I’m given the opportunity of a lifetime after graduation, will the offer of my heart be enough for her to accept? Or will I lose her forever?

Series Rating: four-stars
Also in this series: British Banger, Cruel Beloved, Slick Senator, Egotistical Player , Heartbreaker

New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sports Romance

First Person, Dual-POV

This book is part of the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series. This is a standalone story inspired by Cocky Bastard. In fact, CJ is Chance and Aubrey’s son.

As a follower of Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s work, I’ve truly enjoyed the idea of this collection.

This was the one I was most excited to read and it was totally worth the wait.

Wow! I have to say Evan Grace did Chance Junior justice. Somehow she was able to capture Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s vibe for the series and putting her own stamp on it. CJ was totally book boyfriend material.

Hot romance!!!

32.5/35 STARS –  4.5 STARS (between 31.5 stars and 33 stars)

Addictiveness: 5 Character: 5 Cover: 3.5 Freshness: 4 Plot: 5 Romance: 5 Writing Style: 5

Action 2/5 Angst 2/5 Darkness 0/5 Humor 2/5 Romance 5/5 Suspense/Mystery 1/5

Would I recommend? Yes!

Would I re-read this book/series? Yes!

Would I read more from the author? Yes, I loved her writing style.

Addictiveness: 5/5 I read this book in one sitting because I couldn’t put it down. I became invested in the characters and couldn’t let go. As addictive as chocolate!!!

Character: hero 5/5, heroine 5/5, secondary characters 5/5, growth 5/5, real 5/5 Multifaceted characters with good background and great story arch.

Laken was a superb heroine. She was sweet and very nice. She had shadows of her past, but she never changed herself. She was always very truthful.

Chance was totally book boyfriend material. He was gorgeous like his dad, and even though he never planned, the moment he saw Laken he knew he wanted what his parents have. OMG, he was hot, sexy and a very good young guy. Loved him!

Secondary characters I’m just going to mention one name: AVA. I loved and adored her.

Villain/antagonists … Laken’s past.

All characters were easy to love, connect and understand.

Freshness: 4/5 That was nothing out of the world original here, but the author took a huge risk here and made her own. The whole thing felt fresh and unique. As fresh as mint mentos!!!

Plot: believable 5/5, conflict 5/5, dialogue 5/5, ending 5/5, enjoyment 5/5, opening 5/5, pace 5/5, setting 5/5, subplots 5/5, twists 4/5  Great opening and exciting ending. Very believable plot, with sexy dialogues and great pace. Good setting, with interesting subplots and twists. Highest level of enjoyment!

I loved the concept of this story. I loved how the author made such lovable characters her own and gave them a beautiful plot. It had the drama that all college new adult romance has in addition to the beautiful family concept and feelings.

Romance: believable 5/5, chemistry 5/5, description 5/5, development 5/5, steam 5/5  These two were explosive together. Their attraction was undeniable and together they generated fire. Hot as hell love story!!!

Writing Style: 5/5 Complex characters, with well written plot, great pace, sexy romance, amazing dialogues… everything in a cohesive, clean writing style. Writing of a wordsmith!!!

Cover: art 3.5/5, title 5/5, color-font 5/5, buy 4/5  I’m obsessed with book covers. I love to find snippets of the stories within the art. This one was ok. Too generic for me. What really attracted me was the title and the fact that was part of the Cocky Hero Club. I missed a subtitle or something that gave me more of a glimpse of this particular story. I would probably buy this book by its cover, but I had to read the blurb.

You MAY read this because you love the original series; you SHOULD read this because you enjoy the author; you MUST read this because the hero is swoonworthy!!!


About Cocky Hero Club

Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward are excited to bring you the Cocky Hero Club: original works from various authors inspired by Keeland and Ward’s New York Times bestselling Cocky Bastard series.


About Evan Grace

Creator of happily ever afters

A Midwesterner and self-proclaimed book nerd, Evan has been an avid reader most of her life, but one day an idea came into her head and a writing career was born. She’s a sucker for happily ever afters and loves creating fictional worlds that others can get lost in. Evan loves putting her characters through the ringer, but loves when they get to that satisfying, swoony ending.

When the voices in her head give it a rest, she can always be found with her e-reader in her hand. Some of her favorites include, Aurora Rose Reynolds, (the queen) Kristen Ashley, Joanna Wylde, Madeline Sheehan and Harper Sloan. Evan finds a lot of her inspiration in music, movies, TV shows and life.

She’s a wife to Jim and a mom to Ethan and Evan, a cook, a tutor, a friend and a writer. How does she do it? She’ll never tell.

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