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Weekend Lover (Down With Cupid Shorts, #3)Weekend Lover by Melissa Blue
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars. erotica

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This is the reason I get freebies sometimes. It’s a risk really. You have never read the author, you don’t know anything about it, lots of times, you shouldn’t have gotten.
This book, it’s one of those times I’m glad I gave a freebie and a new author a try, because it totally pay back.


Nicole and Sebastian are both on a business weekend, with their stressful job. They need to unwind, not to complicate anything. They end up hooking up, but just for a night’s fling. It turns into a weekend. That’s ok, it’s a fling, between 2 strangers.

Impressions and Opinion

The book starts slow, I wasn’t really believing in it. But the author is smart, she builds up the tension as the story goes along.
At the end, I was like… this has to happen! I was rooting for the book.
It was suppose to be just an erotica short-story. But it’s more. It has a plot and tension and get the reader’s full attention.

I didn’t gave it 5 stars, because of the end. But I was happy to see, there is a sequel to the story.

I didn’t pay for this one, but I’m going to pay for the sequel. I won’t even wait much, I’m buying it today!

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