Review: The Marquess of Cake

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Title: The Marquess of Cake
Series: Redcakes #1
Author:Heather Hiestand
Genre: Historical Romance
Heat: 3.5 stars
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Cover: 5 stars
Characters: 5 stars
Plot: 4 stars
Heat: 3.5 stars 
Freshness: 5 stars
Addictiveness: 4 stars
Total: 4 stars

A sweet-spicy romance, with adorable characters and tasty treats!

The Marquess of Cake is a very well-written book, with great plot and some very original characters.

The book is fast-paced, with the perfect balance of intensity growth, that keeps the reader guessing along the way, and makes him wants more at the end. The author weaves the story in such a simple manner that she touches profound topics, keeping the mood light and cute.

The characters are masterfully crafted into multidimensional people that the reader can connect, relate, love and understand. I personally adore both characters and I couldn’t pick favorites, even if I tried. Secondary characters are also very good. 

The sexual chemistry between the couple is perfect, and the descriptions of their passion is very well-written by the author. 

Ms. Hiestand brings a breath of fresh air making her victorian heroine into a lady that once was a lower class worker and by appealing to the readers with sweets and treats that makes them literally hungry.

The author also explores beautifully all five senses of the reader, by creating a plot with lots of sensory descriptions, such as the smell of cakes and trifles, the decandent look of bridal cakes, and the velvety feel of liquor with desserts.

The Marquess of Cake is a fun, unpretentious novel that would appeal to anyone who enjoy a victorian tale of food and love.

“Marriage is an adjustment. For the woman… No Alys, for the man, too. Have patience.”

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