Review: The Erotic Dark

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The Erotic Dark
The Erotic Dark by Nina Lane

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars Dark erotica, BDSM, Domestic Discipline, Humiliation, Dubious Consent


Jane was a bad girl that needed to disappear before she was arrested. She ask for help from an old neighborhood friend, that offers her help with a price attached.

Jane becomes Lydia, a plaything/slave for this three totally different man.

Lydia finds in each man something different, but within the triad and her new place, everything she was looking for but didn’t know.

Cover 5 stars
A truly beautiful cover. I love how it represents perfectly the main characters and I also loved the black & white colors. I would definitely buy this book just by it’s cover because I would know looking at it, that it would be erotica with submission. Masterpiece!

Characters 5 stars
Lydia – such a rich “heroine”. An incredible multidimensional character, Lydia takes me into a roller coaster of emotions.
Yes she was a bad girl from the start, but she got her second chance/wind… and she really grabbed it.
I could relate with her, I did connect with her and at the end I understood her. What else could I expect from a character?
“Three men, all of whom had more control over her than anyone ever had in her entire life, all of whom had proven their ability to evoke infinite levels of both sensation and emotion in her physical body”

The triad:
Gabriel – Who wouldn’t fall in love with him? He was the gentle soul, the safe harbor and the easiest to love of the triad.
I really enjoyed that even though she need the trio, she could love one, or better yet, she could feel loved by one of them. He was her favorite and he deserved to be.
He was the proud one. He only gave her, what she voiced for him. Even though he was the “Dom” she the “sub” he never gave her anything that she had not learned inside that she wanted.
“It might be the only thing keeping both her and me sane.”

Kruin – His name really matches him. He is mysterious, but he is also the strength of the group. He made everyone feel protected, cared for.
He liked to discipline her. He was the more strict and them and the one she wanted approval from the most.
“Her warmth was also evoked by Kruin’s enigmatic yet affectionate power”

Preston- He is a hard one to talk about. He is hateful really. He is in a quest for vengeance from some misgivings of a teenage that she wasn’t even really aware. But I understood in the end how important his role is for the book and also for Lydia. He really knew her better than herself at some extent. He was obsessed with her since they were kids and to be able to understand and forgive him was a huge step for Lydia. In his crazy way he has always loved her. He liked humiliation and total submission.
“Your offer came with a heavy price, but if it weren’t for you…” “You gave me a whole new life.”

plot 5 stars
Lydia journey through self discovery is painful, hurtful, shocking, but so so so good. Really I did feel all of Lydia’s emotions along the way. I did hurt and I did love with her.
The author explained so well her emotions and feelings.
She doesn’t give us a lot of background on the man, but this book is all about Lydia and we learn and feel Lydia deep inside.
It was not a very easy story to follow at the beginning, but afterwards it gets the flow. I was always trying to guess what would happen next and the intensity of feelings grew along the way. I ended the book really wanting more. I want the second book NOW! lol

sex heat 5 stars
Wow! Yes it’s mostly dubious consent, but is hot hot hot! Really really hot! Needing cold shower hot! Wow!

originality 5 stars
I love to rate thinking of what has the author offer me new.
Let me tell you, Nina Lane gave me a totally different book than anything I’ve read before. I do read a lot!
Is this all believable and credible? I’m not certain, but she sold it to me. 🙂

editing 5 stars
Excellent editing work. I remember only one typo mistake.
Her writing is also superb!

Impressions, Opinion

Nina Lane has a lyrical way of writing that it’s not usually found in erotica read, specially contemporary books. I really like it, IMO it makes it richer and it matches her stories. But I know that it bother some people.

A book that takes me into a roller coasters of emotions, that offers me almost a cathartic experience is a wonderful book IMO!
So, for me, this book was PERFECT!

I’m really looking forward to the next book, because it does leave us with feelings of unfinished business.

I recommend to anyone that wants to read DARK erotica. I meant dark! It’s not your usual BDSM books with predefined DOM/sub roles.

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