Review: The Billionaire’s Daughter: Trilogy

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The Billionaire's Daughter: Trilogy
The Billionaire’s Daughter: Trilogy by Mara Stone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars – I really liked and I will read again in the future. bdsm

I got the first book of the trilogy as a freebie and I’ve found it while cleaning up my kindle.
After I’ve finished the first book, I was really curious to know how the story would continue and I ended up buying the trilogy and reading the whole thing at the same day. 🙂

“Breaking Free”
Claire Montgomery is the daughter of a billionaire. She has anything money can buy, but she isn’t happy. Her family has found her “the perfect” man for her to marry, but she only wants a relationship in which love is involve. She breaks up her engagement at her engagement party and is kicked out of her house.
Claire doesn’t know what she is doing, but decides to drive from New York to San Francisco. In San Francisco, fate takes her to Castro where she ends up in a cafe that has a BDSM club underground.
Here enters Jordan in her life. First he becomes her boss, then he becomes her partner, until he becomes her lover.
Claire start to learn things about herself and starts to play with BDSM.

“San Francisco Breeze”
Here Claire embraces her new lifestyle, learns her way as a submissive and takes Jordan first as her Dom and then as her Master. Claire finds love and home in San Francisco.

“Body and Soul”
Fate plays a trick with Claire and duty makes her leave San Francisco and face the music in New York.
Through a rough, mature path Claire finds harmony and balance in her life.

Impressions and opinion

The book is a fast read, since is the compilation of three novelettes.
Claire discovery of her self is endearing and refreshing.
The characters are strong and well crafted.
The plot is good, even though sometimes unbelievable. That’s why this is fiction. 🙂
The last book is the best of the three, which adds to the crescendo of the story.
I would recommend this book to anyone that likes BDSM romance with HEA.

A good surprise, was a scene with “fisting”!

I will look for more books from this author.

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