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The AuctionThe Auction by Kitty Thomas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars PNR – aliens – BDSM – D/s – dubious-consent – dark-erotica – short-story

“The man who fights too long against dragons becomes a dragon himself.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Since this is a very short story, I won’t write a summary.

Cover art 4 stars
It’s a beautiful, elegant cover, but I try to look at a few things in my covers and I could not find the theme in this one.
This would be a cover that would drawn my eyes in a bookstore. I would be certain that it was erotica. But I wouldn’t be able to see that it was dark-erotica with PNR involved.
It reminds me of a renascence painting.

Characters 4 stars
Annabelle – I really liked her. She was a great heroine. Her strength helped her out through her situation and she used to see inside to find her true-self. She went into stages, of fear, rage, acceptance until love.

Master – I liked the creature, sort of dragon. Master was hot! Dominant, possessive, protector at the same time rigid. He was the sort of Dom that I like to read about.

Secondary characters – I see how Sir couldn’t be as dominant as master and he was the perfect balance to counteract with Master’s rigid nature. Lily, I can’t say much about her.

So, why I didn’t give them 5 stars? Because I never connect or relate with them. I did understand them though.

Plot 3 stars
This is one of those books that it could have been much better if it was a full novel. I was until the end of the book hoping that I would see something like “Read Sir and Lily’s story in the next book”.
So, the plot was ok for, but it lacked something which made me unable to truly connect with the characters.
The story was easy to follow and the story flow was great. A really fast read!
I believe it lacked intensity since the author did not have time to give us more details, to make us readers feel the characters.
It did not kept me guessing “what’s next”, but I did ended up wanting more. I hope the author continues with this story.

sex heat 3.5 stars
It was good. It offered variety, M/F, M/F/M, M/F/F, but it was a bit rushed and not very descriptive. At the same time when it ended it felt like it was only sex, since there was not much of characters and plot building.
It was original, with a few great scenes.

Credibility/Originality 5 stars
This is a PNR book, so it should be believable for what it stands, and this book was. I really enjoyed the author’s veiled comparison to woman’s role through out the history.
It was a very original book, that left me with the idea that I haven’t really read this before. New idea that should be explore further!

editing 4 stars
This is a short book, but it was well written and I only remember one typo mistake. Great job!

Impressions and Opinion
When I start to write my review, I still wasn’t sure what to rate the book. Now, I’m sort of adding up my rating for each category, so I can come up with my overall rating.

I can’t say exactly what was missing, but for me personally, something was. I believe with a longer book, I would have connected with such a great heroine that was Annabelle.

I didn’t feel it was non-con at all. The woman of the society represented in the book were raised for slavery and the female character was animalistic attracted by the male from the get go.

I’m not certain if I’ve grown used to dark-erotica, but this book didn’t feel dark for me.
It was still a good, fast, fun short read and I would it recommend it those that like erotica with a bit of spice.

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