Review: Soulfire

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Title: Soulfire
Series: Nightwing #1
Author: Juliette Cross
Genre: Romantic Fantasy
Source: ARC provided by NetGalley

Cover: 5 stars
Characters: 4 stars
Plot: 4 stars
Heat: 3 stars
Freshness: 5 stars
Addictiveness: 3 stars 
Total: 4 stars (18/24)
Tall, hot and dangerous dragons! Possessive, dominant and tender males! If you enjoy any of these descriptions, you are in for a hot ride!

Jessen Cade is a bit of a rebel. She has grown up with an overbearing father, and a mother that has lost her own personality under the rule of man. She has vow to forge her own path, and not the one expected of her. What she has never expected, is that her path may take her into the hands of a Morgon. Not one to be afraid of the unknown, she will fight for what she wants. Will family bring her down?

Lucius Nightwing knows his duty to his people and he also knows the impossibility of a relationship with a human. His dragon, doesn’t really care about rules and restrictions. Born into a race that has only one true mate in life, he will fight within himself of what is right and what it fate. Will he be able to conquer it all, or is he doomed to fail?

Soulfire introduces a great new world of dragons and humans in a reality full of prejudice and hate. Within this new generation hope of a peaceful future looms ahead, but to achieve that, they must fight first. 

Ms. Cross has shown a great vision for an amazing new series. Her characters are multi-dimensional and lovable, and the heat created in this book is intense enough to wet the appetites of the erotic lovers, but not so racy that fans of the tender-love-caring will also have a thrill with it.

You may read this book because you enjoy paranormal romance, you should read this book if you like your reads a bit hot, you must read this book if you want an adventurous fast-paced novel!

“The moment his tongue licked into her mouth, she felt the burning of soulfire – the dragon elixir meant to his one and only mate.”

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