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Sinful Surrender (Psychic Menage, #1)Sinful Surrender by Houston Havens
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars Fantasy, Ménage, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Erotic Romance, light BDSM

cover 5 stars

Wow! I wouldn’t even need to read the blurb to buy this book in a book store. Looking at this cover, I would know all.
Menage, yeah!
I love the color used for the cover.


It’s 4860 A.D. After the apocalypse, different species survided. Each trying to build a new life for themselves. One trying to dominate and conquer them all.
Fay Avalon is spy running from her government that falls on enemy territory. The problem is, the enemy doesn’t seem so barbaric as she believed. In fact the enemy territory feels almost like paradise.
Seaching for the truth, Fay finds more. Hapiness! Will her government let her be happy? Will the enemy ever trust her?

characters 4 stars

The brothers: Each one is a side of a prism, together they are the perfect mate. Lucky for Fay they come in a bonus package. One is a romantic, one is a Dom, one is a protector. They are all hot!

Fay: I loved her for almost the entire book. She was brave, smart,a warrior of sorts, until she decided to have a big TSTL moment. She did got rid of it, thanks, but it cause me one star.

secondary characters: I love Chandra and I think book 2 is going to be amazing.

I did relate, connect, undestood and loved them all.

plot 5 stars

Ms. Havens did it all. Yes! She created a wondefully detailed world, in this futuristic, post-apocalyptic, dystopian book, within a menage erotic romance. This is what I would call perfection. The union of 2 things that I love, a wonderful plot with steamy love story. 🙂

Even though it has this new world and several new “species” for us to understand, it was so well explained that it was easy to follow. It’s a fast-paced plot, that keep me guessing all the time and left me wanting more!
It’s fantasy! It’s dystopian, and so believable, for that world.

heat 5 stars

The scenes were nicely described, with the perfect amount of steam. They did not dominate the story as it usually happens in menage books, they added to plot and to the reader’s enjoyment.

freshness 5 stars

This was so so so new, so so so original, that’s unbelievable. Ms. Havens world is amazing!

editing 5 stars

I didn’t have any major problem with the book.

Impressions and opinion

I loved it! I’m a huge fan of menage books, and I know they usually are more erotica, with the sex scenes dominating the story. I have no problem with that. 🙂 I like smut in my reads.
But this book was all that and MORE. Yes! It offer us steamy scenes in this wonderfully created world.
So much history in this plot, so many real life concerns. Wow! It blew my mind, how the author was able to mixed it all together in this ONE book.
The ending was perfect and also it told us where book two will begin.

I would read book 2 today, if it was out yet. Now I’m going to “stalk” the writer, to learn, when I’m going to read the next one.

If you like fantasy with smut, this is for you!

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6 responses to “Review: Sinful Surrender

  1. Anna, Is a full story. At last page, it just tell you who are the characters for book 2.
    But this book has all the parts. Really good! 🙂

  2. Isabelle ~ Thank you for all your kind words and for helping Herding Cats decide. I hope she’ll be as happy with it as you were.