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Shunned No More (A Lady Forsaken #1)Shunned No More by Christina McKnight
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars
historical romance, book one of a series
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Lady Viola is filled with guilty and regrets. She runs away and hides from society because she doesn’t want to face her actions as an immature teenage girl.
Lord Brock Spencer is filled with anger. He has run away in the past from the foolish life of the court, but now he has came back to fulfill his duties.
Viola must face her past, Brock must face his present. Will there be a future for them?

cover 4 stars

I really like. I would buy this book in a bookstore. I would have understood by looking at it that it was a historical romance. I enjoy the color and the woman’s expression.

characters 4 stars

I like Viola, at least the Viola she has become, and I can understand how foolish a seventeen years old can be.
I like Brock and I understood all the emotions he was faced with.
Some great secondary characters such as Ruby and Harold.
Characters were easy to relate, connect and love.

plot 3.5 stars

Ms. McKinight has created a good plot filled with emotions. The characters are faced with consequences of rushed decisions in a fast-paced plot packed with mystery, deceptions, guilty, rage and all sort of feelings.
The book was easy to follow and it kept me guessing until the end. The romance intertwined was breathtaking in it’s purity of emotions.
My one complain is that I wanted more of their relationship and less of their history, so I could have seen more of them together.

heat2 stars

The characters have good chemistry but there isn’t many scenes of them together as a couple.

freshness 4 stars

I have really enjoy the idea of the lady being in the wrong. Is not often that we read a heroine as being wrong and not being offered excuses for her behavior. The story is one of redemption, but never of taking the blame away from the character. Really well crafted!

Impressions and Opinion

What I really liked the best about this book was it’s strong plot and the author being able to perfectly executed her ideas. It was not the conventional historical plot, on which the lord is a rake and the lady is a damsel in distress.
This book is a journey of redemption, of second chances, of making it better, of making it work.
It did really work for me.
I wish the author would have added a few more scenes of the couple together, a little bit more of the romance per se.
I’m looking forward to reading more from the author.

“It didn’t matter. She had the evening’s entertainments to prepare for and an image to uphold- no matter the cost to her soul.”

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