Review: Shifting Currents

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Rating: 4 stars

Title: Shifting Currents
Author: Lissa Trevor
Genre: Erotic Urban Fantasy; Futuristic; Dystopian; Post-Apocalyptical 
Heat: 5 stars
Source: ARC provided by Bewitching Book Tours

Cover: 4 stars 
Characters: 5 stars
Plot: 2.5 stars
Heat: 5 stars
Freshness: 5 stars
Addictiveness: 4 stars

Total: 4 stars (19.5/24)

Bethany is a “Tech” in this post-apocalypse world. “Techs” are very important to this society, because they are able to chain energy into electricity. In fact, they are almost the only form of electricity of this society. After being separated from her brother, she feels lonely and doesn’t have anything holding her to a place. When a sexy shifter crosses her path, she joins him on a journey through the country, each with their own agenda. Will he be enough to keep her in this world? Or  the call of electrical waves  will be stronger than a possible mate?

Lucas is a shifter that has lost his pack to scientists. Now he wants revenge and freedom for his pack. Sadly, in this world, shifters are not very valuable and most  of time, they need to trade sexual favors for food and shelter. When opportunity arises, he joins Bethany into a caravan heading west. He isn’t looking for a mate, and he is not certain shifters can mate with humans, but his animal instinct is not interested in rationality and decides to have Bethany nonetheless. Will they ever be together?

Shifting Currents has an amazing group of characters, all with distinctive personalities and unique points-of-view. Both main characters and all of the secondary characters are easy to like, connect and relate. I personally got attached to them, and I’ve ended the story understanding their choices and motives. 
Ms. Trevor has created a fresh new world and has brought many interesting ideas to what seems like the beginning of a promising new series. Her one mistake, in my opinion, was to have thrown in too many ideas together without a strong foundation backing up all this data.  I believe, Shifting Currents probably needs a prequel, a short novella that introduces better this wonderful new world, so it could help filled out all the missing gaps left by this book.

I would love to read more of this series and I hope to see all my questions answered in a continuing book. 

I have enjoyed Ms. Trevor’s passionate scenes and I will be looking at other works from the author. 

You may read this if you enjoy Urban Fantasy. You should read this if you like mixed-pnr stories. You must read this if you like your heroes panty-wetter, jump-your-husband hot!

“Take energy into my body from various places. Sometimes that energy is benign like a summer breeze. Sometimes it’s from anger.”

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