Review: On Dublin Street

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On Dublin Street
On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Yeah, that type of book! I know I will reread it forever.


When Joss was fourteen her life tragically changed. Now she is twenty two, living in another continent and hiding from her past. Another change has to been made because she needs to look for a new roommate and place to rent.
As Joss moves to Dublin Street, she has to face all the things she’s been hiding from. There she will find family, love, friendship and pain. Is she strong enough to face it?
On Dublin Street perfectly explores Joss feelings and turmoils. The book is all about her maturing.

Impressions and Opinion

Braden is the best type of hero. A great alpha male : gorgeous, smart, funny, hot, bossy, that is great in bed. Really, this book is about Joss, but Braden steals the show.

Joss is an amazing heroine, full of flaws but very much real. Even though I couldn’t relate with her life experiences I felt emotionally connected with her. I cried and laughed along, I was happy and sad at the same time.

I can see that Samantha Young is an “expert” in characters creation and development. All her characters, including the secondaries were smartly crafted.

I was expecting an erotica read, because many people had tag it as erotica. It is not! It is an amazing contemporary romance.

I recommend this book to anyone really!

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