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Meredith's Awakening
Meredith’s Awakening by Violet Summers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is plain description

Book #2 of the Worthington group
It was so so so good.


Meredith Worthington has always been the perfect daughter, but her father always saw her as weak, only because she is a female.
She decides to have some fun, as seems her brothers are always having it, and visits Velvet Ice, a IT nightclub at her town. While in the line she met a man to die for and along with him she enters the club and got a taste of what BDSM might be like. Before she is ready to end her night, her older brother stops her fun and reality crashes on her.

Five years later, Meredith is just a shadow, she has hidden herself behind an ice queen facade, but fate decides to have fun with her.
Marcus, her older brother, left their business for a weekend of pleasure and Meredith takes his place in a business meeting. There she is faced with a ghost from her past that is offering her a second chance.
Can Meredith find her old fun self inside and take the risk? Does she have a submissive hidden inside?

Impressions and personal opinion

Violet Summers take the readers into a journey inside D/S and BDSM lifestyle. Meredith self-discovery and personal acceptance is very well explained and through out the book I have taken this path along with Meredith.

Meredith is a very well developed character. She is multidimensional and endearing.
Tony was a great character, but I felt that he preached things that he didn’t do himself.

My one complain about the book was that Tony’s overprotection was hypocritical to say the least,and because of it, I could not find myself given this book 5 stars.

I’m really looking forward to meet the next Worthington. From a brief glance at the end of this book, I might say he is into threesome. 🙂

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