Review: Kindred

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Kindred by Nicola Claire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s a 3.5 stars. I’ve rated it higher and not lower because I truly believed in the promise of the series.
It’s an “I like it book/series!”

I didn’t like the cover at all. I really like covers that I can try to get a feeling of the book and such a fast-paced book like this could not be guessed by its cover.

I really love the heroine, she alone would be a 5 stars IMO. Luce was a do-it-my-way-or-no-way-at-all type of girl. A take charge heroine with some insecurities hidden very well.

I really enjoyed the hero, a tall-dark-and-dangerous master vamp, but for an alpha male he gave in too much for Luce. So, I guess he would be a 4 stars hero.

Nicola Claire created an amazing world for her book. Wow! Vampires, vampires-hunters, shifters, dream-walkers, it had a little of everything beautifully crafted. This world, promise us readers a great future in her series.

Her plot, was good, but the book needed some editing IMO. A bit too long! At times too repetitive.

Impressions and opinion

I didn’t like the ending. Even though I know it has 2 more books, it was too abrupt. I also believe that the heroine’s power were too much, very unbelievable if there is such a thing within a PNR book.

I love to read threesome, but the promise of a threesome in this series didn’t really work for me. I really got stuck with that Alpha Master Vamp! Noway he would allowed room for it!

I’m so excited about the future of this series that I went over and bought the other 2 books!

If you like PNR with kick-ass heroine, alpha-master-vamp and a world full of surprises, I believe you would like this read.

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