Review: Keep Me Safe

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Keep Me Safe
Keep Me Safe by Skye Warren

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It was an ok book! Yeah, I know, I’m saying it was ok and I’m rating 3 stars and not 2 stars. I don’t really know why. I’m a little baffled and not certain what to say here.

I’m not going to give a summary because it was all just rape or attempted rape.

Dark Erotica I will not say BDSM, because I didn’t see it. I guess because of the non-con people want to call it edgy BDSM. I don’t agree.

I like the idea of the story, but the real plot was terrible. The girl was “raped” from the first page to the last almost. What saved it for me? I guess the HEA. And, I’m a freaky I know, but the forced stuff was much hotter than the consent sex of the book.

I kind of liked the heroine. Yeah, all likes no love from me. :0) She was a bit dumb and a bit too passive for me, but her mental work was very interested IMO. I found something redeemable in her.
IMO, she was suffering from Stockholm syndrome and because of it she was seeing so many great qualities in Zachary (her first rapist and later FBI agent).

The hero, I didn’t like him. He was a rapist, that was a gangster, that was a cop, that was FBI, that had quit his job, that was inside a job again at the end. Really I didn’t get a connection with him, so I didn’t really care for him at all. In most books I read, the FBI agents are bad-ass guys. He was not and if this is closer to reality, I don’t care, that’s why I read fiction!

So, why did I rated 3 stars? Because at the end, I enjoy a nice HEA and I sort of like the heroine. I would read another book if it was the continuation of their story.

I will probably read others books from the author, but I won’t be reading it right away.

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