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Just AskJust Ask by Mia Downing

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars M/M, Romance, light kinky

Jordan has inherited an island from his uncle and as a last-wish-type-of-thing he visits to throw his ashes in a perfect place.
To find this perfect spot, he decides to spend a weekend in paradise, trying to reconnect with himself and his uncle.
There he meets his new partner, cowboy Ryan, that was also his uncle best friend.
Even though he has always been straight, his attraction to Ryan is explosive.
The book explores Jordan journey through self-discovery and teach him that if he wants something he only need to “Just Ask”.

cover 4 stars
After reading the book, I totally understood it. But only looking at it first, I couldn’t see it was m/m; but I would still buy this book by the cover in a bookstore. Hot guy and beautiful sea, that’s a great combination!

characters 5 stars
I really loved both male characters. Both of them had weakness and were not afraid of working it.

plot 5 stars
I believe this is the strength of this book. It has an amazingly develop plot. It shows the journey of the characters to it’s completion without leaving anything out.
It was really well written. The intensity of the story grew proportionally and I was always on my toes, wanted to now what’s next.

sex heat 4 stars
It has great scenes. This was my first all m/m book and I was happily surprise. 🙂 The love scenes are heavy on love, which made them sweet at the same time they were steamy.

editing 5 stars
It was really good. I don’t remember a major problem I had with the typing.

impressions and opinion
This book was Mia Downing at her best!
We can feel the authors romantic heart, at the same time she uses just a bit of kinky so it doesn’t get sappy.
Really a masterpiece!

I would recommend to anyone that loves a good written romance. Even for those like me, that hasn’t venture into M/M before, I would say: Live a little, give it a try!

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