Review: Hot Ride

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Hot Ride
Hot Ride by Kelly Jamieson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It was so so so good! Romantic Suspense

Cover – good
Characters – amazing
Plot – great
Ending – ok


Sera Manning is a DEA Agent that has spend half of her life hoping for this one chance of grabbing the bad guy that helped destroyed her family.
Ryan Thomas is an ATF Agent that has been working undercover for the last three months trying to infiltrate the biker’s gang Death Angels. But Ryan’s work is being compromise and the only solution he has is to get a girlfriend ASAP. When the DEA offers Sera, he is not happy about it. She is not only hot as hell, but she is rookie. Who wants to work undercover with a Rookie?
They become partners in more sense than one. They fight their own ghosts and they get a second chance out of life. Will they be able to enjoy their ride?

Impressions and Opinion

Kelly Jamieson built two really strong characters. I couldn’t find any fault for both. Their connections was amazing from the beginning and their struggles very much like real life.
The book started a little slow, but through out the read it grew in complexity. The author touched some very delicate subjects with grace and heart. She also managed some unexpected moments at the end.

I wish for an epilogue for this book. I found the ending a little abrupt and my HEA-heart wanted some hard proofs of how well they stayed together.

I will be looking at some other books of this author. Really amazing read!

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