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His Black Pearl (The Thrall,  #1)His Black Pearl by Jena Cryer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars bdsm, pet-play, non-con, some f/f

“No woman would ever want this. It’s slavery. It’s vile. It’s evil. It’s the complete opposite of everything precious and wholesome in life.”

Cover 4 stars

I would by this book looking at it’s cover. I would have guessed BDSM romance, D/s type of thing. I don’t like a few things after reading the book, her earing,her shirt and the lack of a pearl at her neck.
I like the play with the black and white picture with the yellow of the title.

characters 5 stars

This book has one major character IMO, that is the female. The way the author take us inside Adair’s mind is amazing.
I can totally understand and connect with her, even though I could not relate, because this was so far out from my reality.

plot 5 stars

It’s amazing. The best pet-play book that I’ve read. It totally dehumanize the person.
The world built is rich, is well explained and we are not left with any holes.

It’s very intense. It’s breaking and reshaping a person. It’s something so far away from my reality and belief that drew me in.

Pet-play is something that makes me really uncomfortable. It’s not something that I can ever place in my fantasies. I’ve read many books on it, I’ve like many of them, but it’s never something that I can relate or even connect with.
So, this book was not an easy read for me, but it was so fascinating. I love to read things that make me uncomfortable, that takes me out of the ordinary. It kept me wanting more.
It had the right amount of suspense and it kept me guessing and hating and loving. 😉

sex heat 4 stars

I’m not a big fan of f/f, but the scenes didn’t made the book worst for me. It made sense in the story being portrayed.
Some good scenes, no amazing heat, but good.
I’ve missed a tail and some game back door.

originality 5 stars

Pet-play, dog-play, it’s not original, but the way Ms. Cryer presented was. It was such a dehumanization without “real” body transformation that it was incredible.

editing 5 stars

I don’t remember that many mistakes.

Impressions and Opinion

This is the kind of book that you finish and you are still uncomfortable. It’s shocking!

It’s something that I could never do. I would hate myself forever. But the author is such a GREAT writer that she made me understand and connect with Isa.

I’m really looking forward for Jane Cryer next book. If you like pet-play, you MUST read this!

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