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Generational Sins
Generational Sins by Samantha Blair

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s a 4.5 stars. So so so good! Not 5 stars because of the ending. ๐Ÿ™‚

The author used a very unique way of writing. Each chapter had a different POV (the male and female leads) and it also switched between present and past. It usually ended the chapters with something major and we had to wait 2 chapters to know what would be next. I really enjoyed the back and forth.

I’ve never wrote a review quite like this one, but I have so many clips and notes from this book that I will write my review using my notes.

Impressions, opinion and sort of a summary

David/Dom/Domestic violence victim’s POV

She was my darkest secret and my greatest light
Even though I may not agree all the time, one thing was perfect clear for me, David and Katlyn truly loved each other. Their love sometimes seemed like dependence IMO, but it was there no matter what. I could feel it the entire book from both of them.

She had been a submissive? What did that even mean? She said there was more to it then just rough sex, but I was confused and quite frankly intimidated. What did she expect of me now? What if I disappointed her?
David was lost. He grew up with domestic violence and what was normal in his world, wasn’t for everyone else. Through out the book I could definitely see him maturing and learning from Katlyn. I believe that she was the stronger of the relationship and I believe that she could had a good life without him, he would not have make it without her. What it’s my point here, is that she was the stronger and the sub, he was the weaker and the Dom. Being a sub, doesn’t mean being weak.

I was hooked. I wanted to experience the powerful feeling that I had right now, over and over and over. I wanted to watch her do that again. I wanted to deny her orgasms and listen to her beg for them. I wanted to see how many times I could make her come in one day. There would never be enough time to experience every combination of my new fantasies. She had just opened my eyes to a world that I had no idea existed.
It was really great to read about David’s emotions. Even though he was the Dom (the one in charge), he was learning from/with his sub, and she was given him a place and a sense of belonging that he had never felt before.

I just thought that my father was stronger than most, and I thought that my mother was better behaved than most. I thought we were elite, like some kind of royalty that played by a different set of rules. When I got older and knew more about abusive relationships, I simply thought that my father was strict. If my mother didn’t screw up, he wouldn’t hit her. I thought it was her fault. He always told me it was. When I was old enough to understand sex, I thought they were just rougher than most couples.
Wow! How could David perceived the world any different if this is how he grew up? This book really showed his journey to get out of this mold. The author smartly wrote in a way that I could feel David’s struggles along the way. Really poignant!


David was a natural Dominant; I was a natural submissive. I knew that going in. What I didn’t know was that David had no formal training. Apparently he had picked up his habits from his father, which was disturbing, but he’d never read a book on BDSM, never seen it practiced, never been with an experienced partner. He had no idea what it meant to be in a healthy D/s relationship. He didn’t use safewords or even understand them. he would for me though; I wouldn’t be with him without one.
It was very interesting to read about a Dom with no training whatsoever learning along the way from his sub. I also really liked that she was an experienced sub and knew what is safe or not, what she should or shouldn’t accept on this relationship.
But I have to wonder from this passage, isn’t being a Dominant a natural trait born with a person, or someone that is not Dominant can be shaped into one?

“Consent and control”, she said, “I am consenting, and you will not lose control with me.”
Says the sub, to her Dom. Who has all the control here? Samantha Blair showed the sub’s power really well, better than I’ve ever read before.

I was not about to tell my Dom that he wasn’t permitted to hire a plane for the night, but I probably would have argued with my husband over it.
I learned a lot about a sub from Katlyn, this passage it’s just one of many. She thinks about her Dom and her husband as if they were two different people, since she only had sort of a “bedroom BDSM” relationship it made sense for me.

It wasn’t always perfect, as life never is, but we took each day as it came and made the most of it.
This book was about David’s journey, but Katlin really stole the show. She was one of the strongest female leads that I’ve ever read. Of course she had her own insecurities, but most of the time she was having to guide David into something better and she did not have time for her own problems.
She loved David too much, sometimes I wonder if she didn’t love him more than herself.

I still found a bit of a contradiction the sub, that needed to let go of everything to be well and in peace with herself, leading this relationship in which she was always doing the aftercare.

A very intense book!

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