Review: Feeling Lucky

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Rating: 3.5 stars

Title: Feeling Lucky
Series: Lucky Montana 3
Author: Beverly Price
Genre: Erotic Ménage Romance
Source: ARC provided by The Romance Reviews

Cover: 4 stars
Characters: 4 stars
Plot: 3 stars
Heat: 4 stars
Freshness: 3 stars
Addictiveness: 3 stars

Total: 3.5 stars (15/24)

Feeling Lucky is packed with danger and testosterone. Sexy club, hot guys, stubborn heroine and a crazy murderer! Are you ready to find out who will bend and who will break?

Sam Brown visits a BDSM club to get information for her best friend’s new book. Following the rules of the club, she must play it as a sub, and she is given not one, but two Doms that have been previously chosen by her brother. Their chemistry is undeniable, but her murky past and a confrontation at the club, has her given up on the D/s lifestyle. 

Noah Wilde and Sidney Powell are tired and restless. They only want to start over, but have given their word to finish a security job at the BDSM club. When a friend asks them to look out for his sister, they don’t know how to say no. What they are not expecting is to find the missing piece of their triangle. Will they be able to overcome her past and their present to forge a future together?

Feeling Lucky has good characters, a fun small community and lots of mouth-watering alpha males. The heroine is strong, easy to love and connect with. She is the kick-ass type, which is perfect for this filled-with-male world she lives in. 

Ms. Price’s ideas are interesting, and her sex scenes are really hot and well described. However there are  a few things that hadn’t worked so well in this book. The heroes are hot, but they are confusing Doms. The plot is good, but the BDSM world is weak and full of inconsistencies. The trio makes the almost perfect ménage, but their BDSM relationship is bizarre. At some parts of the story they are in a D/s relationship, then suddenly they are vanilla, and out-of-nowhere their relationship is BDSM again.

You may read this book because you have read  other books of the series, you should read this book because you enjoy hot reads, but you MUST read this book because you like adventure-packed ménage stories!

“I say we try again and see if you aim is as good as Noah’s is. So, Sydney, are you feeling lucky?”

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