Review: Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night by Stacy Reid

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from NetGalley, Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night by Stacy ReidDuchess by Day, Mistress by Night by Stacy Reid
Series: Rebellious Desires #1
Published by Entangled: Scandalous on November 13, 2017
Genres: historical romance
Pages: 258
Format: kindle e-book
Source: NetGalley, Entangled Publishing
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"From the first page, Stacy Reid will captivate you! Smart, sensual, and stunning, you will not want to miss Duchess by Day, Mistress by Night!" - USA Today bestselling author Christi Caldwell

Georgiana Rutherford, the Duchess of Hardcastle, seemingly has it all—wealth, pedigree, and the admiration of the ton, except her heart hungers for a passionate affair. She meets the enigmatic and ruthless Mr. Rhys Tremayne, a man known to low and high society as the Broker. The attraction between them is impossible to deny, but she cannot be feeling it for this man.

Rhys Tremayne has built his wealth and empire by dealing secrets on the black market of the London underworld. He is determined to take his sisters away from the depraved world they’ve known their entire lives, and the duchess is the perfect woman to help sponsor his sisters into society. The only problem is that he wants more from Georgiana, even if the social divide between them ensures she can only ever be his lover in secret.

Series Rating: five-stars



Rhys liked to see people in their element before they put on their mask and hid their true selves. He had learned early not to accept people at face value and instead to trust in their unguarded responses.


Georgiana is a dowager duchess, and is looking for her son’s nanny that has disappear without leaving traces. When not even the police can find her, her brother introduces her to “the broker”, a man from the fringes that works in the underworld collecting secrets that he can trade for favors. As soon as she meets Rhys their chemistry is strong, but she has to avoid him.

Rhys has worked hard to give his family a great, proper life. But there is something that not even his secrets can buy: acceptance by nobility. When a deal with a duchess can be made, he knows he will do anything to get all her secrets. What he could never expect is the fatal attraction he feels for her.

How could two people from totally different worlds be together?



  • Cover: It is amazing! It is classy, sexy and feminine at the same time. I can totally see Rhys and Georgiana in that picture. The title and subtitle only add to the magnificent art work of the cover.
  • Plot: What an amazing plot. The author crafts a wonderful historical tale that feels very current. There is depth here. There is smut and romance, but there are many interesting topics. The pace is great, the story keeps us guessing and wanting more. This is the first book of a series that has become a MUST.
  • Characters: They are all multi-dimensional and have a lot to offer. They feel real. They are easy to love, connect and understand. The family dynamics inside each house is different and at the same time similar to nowadays.
  • Heat: This book is hot! This couple is electric. Their chemistry is spellbinding and the smut is very well written with a few memorable scenes.
  • Freshness: This story is unique, different and current. The author brings so many topics and sewed them together in a way that makes this very original.
  • Addictiveness: This is a story to read in one sitting. Just find a spot to relax, because you won’t be able to let the book go. At the same time, you don’t feel time passing and you end wanting more.


I simply had the thought Mr. Tremayne was more of a jaguar, sleek and crafty, handsome but unquestionably dangerous. by Georgiana



  • Plot: I have to say a couple of subplots inside the story that have not been well explained. I wanted to know more, so I could understand better how  Rhys network worked. I guess he did solve problems too fast, too easy when the story was trying to show how hard it was.


I love someone. And the feelings he inspires in me are not pleasant, they are riotous. I want him and all his complexities with every breath in my body. by Georgiana



Wow! This historical romance talks about  social classes and how they are differently perceived and accepted by society; it talks about disabilities and how  differences  are not always accepted; it portrays a woman fighting to stand on her own, to stand out of the shadows of men and marriage.

Now, I say… how far have we evolved? Is this so different from what we have today?

I also like the break on stereotypes with a woman who doesn’t want to get married, but is relishing in her sexual explorations outside of the marriage institution.

So many food for our thoughts, at the same time great romance and amazing racy content.


You MAY read this because you enjoy historical romance; you SHOULD read this because you want a great love story; you MUST read this if you are looking for a cathartic experience!!!



About Stacy Reid

Stacy is an avid reader of novels with a deep passion for writing. She especially loves romance and adores writing about people falling in love. Stacy lives a lot in the worlds she creates and actively speaks to her characters (out loud). She has a warrior way, never give up on her dreams. When Stacy is not writing, she spends a copious amount of time drooling over Rick Grimes from Walking Dead, watching Japanese anime and playing video games with her love.

Rating Report
Overall: four-half-stars
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