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Review for Manic Readers
Manic Readers

Title: Dragonfly Kisses
Series: Tryst Island #2
Author: Sabrina York
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
Heat: 4 stars
Source: ARC provided by Manic Readers
Dragonfly Kisses is the second book of an amazing series. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I would recommend to read this series in order for a wonderful experience of friendship and love.
Tragedy, friendship, passion, hope! Dragonfly Kisses takes you into a journey worth reading.
Dylan Deveney has been hurting for a long time. He has no reason to keep on living until he sees an angel. For that angel, he is willing to come back into the living.  Cassie French has never dreamed with a man such as Dylan, in fact she doesn’t believe a man like him would ever pick her. When they finally meet, is explosive. Will their past allowed them to be with each other?
Ms. York brought once again two amazing characters to life. Cassie is certainly Dylan’s “wind beneath the wings” as has sang Bette Midler. She is very supportive and strong, the type of character that you would be proud to be friends with. Even though Dylan is hurt so much, and he comes in an unusual package he is a legitimate prince charming. Who wouldn’t want a tall, hot, handsome male that has only eyes for you?
As book number one, Dragonfly Kisses kept me guessing and let me wanting more. I can’t wait to read book 3 of the series!

“No matter who you’re with, no matter what decisions you make, things can happen. Things that are out of your control. You can live every day worrying about that-or not live at all- or you can take a deep breath and dive in. Have faith.”

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