Review: Double Take

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Double Take
Double Take by Alyssa Turner

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! This is the kind of book that I love! I know I will have to reread it very soon and I will be looking out for anything else the authors has it, because I can just imagine how good it must be!

Threesome – erotica – post-apocalyptic


This book take us on a ride to the future, where a major corporation rules USA and most people don’t even know it.
Shannon Morris life was changed when she was kidnapped for three weeks and held captive in her own home. Now, her dreams and memories shows her that her “platinum class lifestyle” is not as perfect as she once though it was.
Tristan and Pryor are the twins ex-marines that are leading the resistance, now they only need someone important inside Eaglecorp to help them out. Fate has brought Shannon into Tristan’s path. Now will she be able to forgive him and their past?
Shannon knows her place is right next to the boys, but will they accept her as an equal partner and give her a role with the resistance? Or they want to rule her as Eaglecorp?

Impressions and Opinion

Ms. Turner’s futuristic world was very creative and realistic. She uses today’s concerns and spin them into a possibility for the future and how horrible these prospects could be.

I was touched by her heroine’s journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance.
Thieves disguised as saviors, they’d robbed her of even her most basic humanity. But maybe she could salvage her sense of self with the clarity of how she felt, no matter the loss.

The heat in this book was of-charts!

All three main characters were superb and the plot amazing!

If I have something to complain, is that I really hope Ms. Turner is writing the second book, because at the end, she left us hanging wanting more!

If you like steamy futuristic suspense with two alpha-males and a kick-ass heroine, you should read this book!

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