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DestroyedDestroyed by Pepper Winters
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 stars contemporary, dark-erotica, non-con

“It wasn’t gentle. It wasn’t sweet. It was dirty and cruel and broken. But I couldn’t get enough.”


Hazel goes to the fight club only to support her best friend Clue, little did she know, that she wouldn’t make back home.
Roan is dark, dangerous and in pain. He only needs to fight tonight to hurt, but he may have found his cure.
Their meeting is explosive, their relationship is hurtful, their journey is cathartical, their ending… you must read to know.

Cover 5 stars

It’s hot, it’s gorgeous, and if you read the book you will undestand it’s Roan. I could see it would be dark, hot and of a fighter.
I love the lack of color, the darkness, once again, so Roan.

Character 5 stars

Hazel is the perfect heroine. Yes, perfect. She makes a lot of bad decisions, but that makes her more human, more like one of us, and makes her perfect. She is so strong at the same time so weak.

Roan is dark, dangerous and twisted. Roan is not perfect at all, and not very human either, but Roan makes you love him nonetheless.

Not easy characters, but I was able to connect, relate, understand and love them. They are the PERFECT characters, IMO.

plot 4.5 stars

I wouldn’t consider this book a fast-paced read, because it’s not an easy read. It’s so intense and emotional that makes you feel like in a marathon. Some parts you relax into the pace, other parts you feel like out-of-air and need to built up strenght to keep going. Don’t take me wrong, I never wanted to stop reading, but I cried and I rage along with this book, so I felt I was drowning at some parts and needed sunshine and laughter.

The story was really well crafted and the idea behind it all is amazing and so original that I couldn’t believe at times what I was reading.
It’s DARK, and I love dark read, but they are not for everyone.

This book kept me on my toes from beginning to end, it was an intense roller coaster ride that kept me guessing all the way. And the twists, yes, Ms. Winters brought us a lot of plot twists, but she never lost her direction and she made everything seems very believable.

heat 5 stars

Yes, it was hot hot hot. It was intense, painful at a times, but I like it dark, so I loved this one.
The description of the scenes were perfect!

freshness 5 stars

I HAVE NEVER READ ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE. Really the ideas behind all of this was so originial that I couldn’t believe it.

editing 5 stars

I don’t remember any major problem and DARK books MUST have almost perfect editing. The stories are usually so hard to follow, that if you have to be battling poor editing, makes it unreadable.

Impressions and Opinion

Some books, you love because it makes you feel goood, happy, light, relaxed. This is not one of these books.

Destroyed, breaks you. Rip you apart! There is not a moment of an easy ride. It is a turbulent flight from take-off to landing.

You are probably thinking that I’m crazy right now, since I’ve rated this a 5 stars read. But, at the same time it breaks you, it mends you back.
It’s not a fight of winning or loosing, but a fight of surviving. It’s not a sweet journey, but a road to ressurection, to redemption.

It is a catharsis! It’s amazing!

I loved this book so much, that as soon as I finish this book, I bought another book from Ms. Winters.
This was my first book of this author, but it won’t be my last!

I would recommend this book if you like dark, gritty and painful, but good with HEA.

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