Review: Daniel’s Surrender

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Daniel's Surrender
Daniel’s Surrender by Violet Summers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! The perfect ending for this series.
All three books were good, but the authors were smart enough to raise the tension to the finale.

Cover- I really liked the cover, I love when we cannot see the face and I can picture them as I want.

hero- There is two as different as night in day and as cliche as it is, in all menages, they complement each other and make the perfect “man”.
Mathew is young, flirty, happy, but at the same time he know what he wants and fights to get it.
Daniel is dark and shallow, avoids commitment at all costs. His baggage is heavy, but the book gives the reader a perfect journey through his growth.

heroine – For someone that has never experimented into kinky before, Shannon’s acceptance of her feelings and of a total lifestyle was a bit too fast and unbelievable. But she was such a deary character with her fun and willingness that it masked the craziness of it all.

plot- The authors once again take their readers into a journey of the kinky world. It is a greatly crafted book, in which the readers can feel the emotions of the characters.

Impressions and opinion

This was one of the best threesome-book I’ve read. Mostly because their relationship started as a flirt and it grew in tension and feelings within the book.

I would recommend this book for anyone that likes threesome and BDSM.

I will look into other books from this authors. 🙂

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