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Cait and the DevilCait and the Devil by Annabel Joseph

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars. I liked it. historical, BDSM

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Cait grew up in the middle of the forest being raised by her nurse. When her nurse died, she leaves her forest for the first time and go to the king castle to ask for help. There she finds out a horrible truth. Because of it, she is sent away to be married to a man known as “the devil”.
Duncan had a horrible first marriage in which he lost his wife in childbirth screaming to the world that he was THE DEVIL. Duncan always knew he was a bit wicked, because the things that used aroused him, were not considered normal by most. When the king decides he must married again, he is totally against it, but follow his rule.

He is very atracted to his new wife, but is very afraid of intimacy because he knows he is a “freak”. They entered a marriage of discovery and love without even knowing.

As in all good books, there is always a peril close and in a bad choice of Duncan, something horrible happens.

Through rejection, fear and necessity Duncan and Cait have a journey for hapiness.

Impressions and opinion

Since I’ve read Annabel Joseph before, I was a bit surprised and a little confused through out this book. It didn’t look like her books at all, but I recognize an author trying to venture through new lands. She was a successful! Still, it left me with a feeling of ” I wanted more”.
I’m not certain if this feeling was because I’ve read her books before, so when I read non-con, domestic discipline…. I wanted more!
I guess I’ve became jaded with my books, but if I’m reading non-con, I want to read the description of the horrible acts. I want to feel the characters pain, hatred and angst. This did not happen here.
I guess that’s why I didn’t give it a full 4 stars. Maybe if it were from another author I would have, maybe I let my past experience with this author create expectations that were not fulfilled.

I enjoy the read. I will always keep reading Annabel. I will even read another historical of hers, but next time, I’m going to be prepared.

I recommend this book for anyone that likes spice romance and want the feeling of a somewhat light BDSM relationship.

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