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Rating: 3 stars
Title: Caged Wolf
Series: The Tarot Witches #1
Author: S.M. Reine
Genre: Urban Fantasy, erotic romance, series, mix-pnr
Heat: 3 stars
Source: Arc provided by NetGalley in exchange of an honest review

The biker gangs passing through Lobo Norte don’t scare Ofelia anymore. All those men are the same: scarred, homeless, and broken…just like Ofelia. They’ve become a blur of forgettable faces watching her strip. She takes off her clothes, takes their money, and wipes them from her memory instantly. But Trouble is different. A biker with a wolf tattoo and tortured eyes, he sees beyond Ofelia’s tough disguise to a more fragile woman within. She’s drawn to him like she’s never been drawn to a man before—at least, not since she survived hideous torture at the hands of her ex-boyfriend that left her scarred physically and emotionally. She can’t forget Trouble. And she definitely can’t push him away. There’s magic between them that neither understands. But maybe if Ofelia and Trouble can find the truth, they can release each other from the chains that bind them to Lobo Norte, to the Fang Brothers biker gang, and to the dark secrets in their pasts…

Ofelia lives in the small town of Lobo Norte, a place that only dejects, broken people  go. She is a bartender/stripper running away from danger, keeping secrets that are coming for her.Trouble/Cooper is a biker that comes to Lobo Norte for the ring fights. Trying to cope with a new life, he is not seeking for trouble, but it always finds him.Together they look for freedom while searching for answers.
The author has crafted an interesting book with a pretty original concept for a plot. Sadly, the world built is confusing with several blanks needing to be filled. Even though the story flow was not easy to follow, the story kept me guessing and I’ve ended wanting more. For all that was missing the book was a fast-paced read for me.
I have liked both main characters and I’ve also enjoyed some secondary characters as well. I wished I had learn more about them, and also about the setting of the book. I did relate and connect with them, I just quite didn’t understand it all.
This book has some hot scenes and a very interesting approach to sex between human and shifters. There is a scene between human and a shifter in animal form that may not be to everyone’s liking. There is also some bondage going on, which helps heats up some of the scenes.
I really like the different approach taking by the author of a shifter’s book, I just wish it hadn’t  so many things left unsaid. Don’t get me wrong, it has a great ending, not much of a cliff hanger, only enough to entice the reader to the next book.
I like the promise of this book.It has so many things that I love in a good read such as shifters, smut, fighters, bikers and hot guys; I only hope the author will answer some of the mysteries in the next book.
I would have buy this book in a bookstore, just by it’s cover which I believe is perfect.

“I won’t let him do anything to us,” I said, lifting Bo Peep to my shoulder. “And I’m not going to end your life because you can’t stand up to him. You are so much stronger than you think you are, Cooper. You’re more than a werewolf. Much more.

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3 responses to “Review: Caged Wolf

  1. I didn’t realize that S.M. Reine had a new witch series out! How on Earth did I miss this? Sounds like this book got it off to a good start too. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Hmmm new author to me. Might have to try it even with the not perfect flow of the world building. It sounds like one I might just enjoy. I’ve read a human/shifter (while shifted) scene before. It was…interesting. ::snort:: Thanks for the heads up on it!