Review: Burn For Me

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Rating: 4.5 stars

Title: Burn For Me
Series: Hidden Legacy #1
Author: Ilona Andrews
Genre: Urban Fantasy, thriller
Source: ARC provided by Bewitching Book Tours

Cover: 5 stars
Characters: 5 stars
Plot: 5 stars
Heat: 2 stars
Freshness: 5 stars
Addictiveness: 5 stars

Total: 4.5 stars (21/24)

“There was something about gardens, and especially flowers, that drew magic users to them even if their magic had nothing to do with plants. (…) It was like being wrapped in a cocoon of life, suffused with a simple happiness of existing.”

Nevada Baylor is P.I, in a family-own small business, and suddenly is forced to work at the most dangerous case of the city. She enters a world where she is not certain who is friend, who is foe; where secrets have hidden meanings; and everybody is being used by somebody else. She only wants to save her family, but to do that she will have to risk everything.

Mad Rogan is one of the most powerful men of his time. Apparently he has no ties to anyone, however he  surprises everybody when he decides to help out his cousin. What he doesn’t know is that by helping his family, he may encounter the only thing that could break his facade. A power bigger than his, bigger than life… love.

” That was no hint of submission anywhere in his body. He walked like he didn’t know his spine could bend.” 

Burn for me is a fast-paced thriller that has the reader hooked from the first page, and unable to let it go, even after the book has ended. It’s world is so well built that leaves the reader shocked of how creative the authors can be. There is no weakness in this book, and even though it prepares for the second book, it has a perfectly cohesively, shocking, ending.

Ilona Andrews are “the real deal”. Their characters are the perfect balance of good and evil, strong and weak, serious and joyful. Each character presents  a duality that feels real and  unresting, and even secondary characters are multi-dimensional. This partnership has a well of creativity that has no bounds, with a voice that is very clear and strong. Each scene is wonderfully described and leaves the reader with the feeling of being inside a movie.

Oh, let me not forget to talk about all the turns and twists that surprise and awe the reader until the last page of the book.

You may read this book because you love the author’s work, you should read this book because is has a very original concept, however you MUST read this book because it’s very addictive and fulfilling!

“It was a voice of something ancient and terrible, a roar of a volcano come to life. I AM FIRE. BURN FOR ME”

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14 responses to “Review: Burn For Me

  1. I love reading addictively good books so this is goint to my tbr pile for sure. 🙂 The author writes amazing urban-fantasy and I’m sure I’m gonna love this book as well.

  2. I will definitely read! It’s already on my TBR and your review just reinforced that idea 😉 but if you like it so much why didn’t it score a full 5 stars? just wondering…

    • Yeah, I should have answer that on my review. lol Different than Ilona Andrews books, this one is being announce everywhere as ROMANCE, and I kept waiting for it happening all book long. There is the promise of the romance, and I’m certain it will be there on book two, but it was not on book one, and I felt a bit cheated. lol

  3. I love Ilona Andrews’s writing style and am really excited this new series is starting out really good, looking forward to the read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and spotlighting this read 🙂

  4. I’m dying for this book 🙂 Love this author and I can’t wait to see what they’ve created 🙂