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Breaking the Nexus (Mythrian Realm, #1)Breaking the Nexus by Lindsay Avalon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars PNR, romance, urban fantasy, series, witches, mages, elves

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Summary: A totally new world to be explore. This world is getting mixed with Earth. A human and an “alien”. Cops (I personally love stories with cops). Mythology. Romance. Hero, heroine, helpers against evil.

You will see a bit of everything in the mix of this really great, promising series.

cover 3.5 stars

I can see the guy and maybe guess he is a cop or military. I can see New York. I could maybe guess the fantasy in the mix. I don’t see a woman and I would never guess this is a romance.

So minus one star for the lack of romance, minus 1/2 star for the not sure paranormal of the book.

characters 5 stars

Hero: A human cop. Mouthwatering. I love them good, but rough on the edges. Hot! Not afraid of letting his woman shine.
Heroine: Magical. Kick-ass, but impulsive which makes her imperfect and because of it, perfect.
secondary characters: some good ones to be explored. Luca, Alex, Ian.

plot 4.5 stars
It starts in this totally new world that I haven’t ever read before. I’m the detail kind of person and the author didn’t disappoint me. She tried to add lots of details about this “mythical world”.
Since this book is mostly played on Earth, I guess I still have a lot more to learn from it, but I got a general idea.
Lots of different species, it can get a bit confusing sometimes. I’m ok with mixed-pnr, but I’m used to read PNR.
It was a fast-paced book, not very hard to follow and it keep me guessing along the story.The real evil did not show at first, which added for a great intensity growth along the book. I have ended the book wanting to know more.

sex heat 3.5 stars

Not erotica, but good sex vybe. It doesn’t have lots of scenes, but you feel the atraction and the sex drive on the characters along the whole book. Maybe, some would say, “who would be thinking about sex in such a dangerous situation?”, well this is fiction and I like sex in my books. 🙂

originality 5 stars

I think it’s a very original book. Lots of facts of our mythology, with great twists into it.
We can see the author took her time to create this world and it seems she will take us into a great new journey.

editing 3 stars

I know this is sort of like first edition, and a new author, but I found some typo mistakes. Not that many to make me give up on the read, but enough for me to post a warning.

Impressions and opinion

I love to read new authors for the fresh ideas and the totally new concept and style. What makes me afraid for a new author series is that I will end up not having the series to read after all.

I really hope Ms. Avalon can continue this one, because I find her world very creative and appealing.
I can see many promising characters and I believe this “world” could offer endless directions to go.

I love PNR and have been reading it for a long time. If you are a first time PNR reader, I think a mixed-PNR plot maybe hard and a bit overwhelming for you to read.

I recommend it a lot for the PNR’s lovers. I’m really looking forward to the next one!

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