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Beneath the Surface (Reluctance, #1)Beneath the Surface by M.A. Stacie
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4 stars contemporary, erotic romance, book one of a series


Dale is starting over, and to make a good impression on her new job, is a big first step.
Kyran is stress, he need to fight to decompress, his brother new assistant helped raise his pressure even more.
She is tired of being second best, he doesn’t do relationships at all, but without even noticing they built something together. Is it strong enough to last?

characters 4 stars

Dale: she is strong, she doesn’t get intimdated, she is no push-over. What’s not to like?
Kyran: he is hot, dark and problematic. What’s not to like?
It was easy to like them. I found a connection with her, and I undestood them.
I would like to know more about Taylor and boat-Dale.

plot 4 stars

The world created was nothing new, but it was believable. It was fast-paced and very easy to follow, I read the book in about 3 hours.
I enjoy a romance without plot twists. This book is about a love story, it’s about a couple’s journey through real life problems and it was good.

5 stars

Oh yeah! I love office sex, and shower sex, and rough sex. 🙂 Very good descriptions.

freshness 3 stars

There is nothing new, it’s a love story that we know they are going to end up together. Well, I like love stories, so I had no problem with it.
There is not a plot twist per se, but there is the build up of the next book’s plot.

editing 4.5 stars

It’s good, I found a few mistakes, but nothing major.

Impressions and Opinion

This book is contemporary romance, maybe the sex scenes are a bit too much for those that don’t like to read very descriptive scenes. That’s why I would call it erotic romance.

I enjoy the read, and I’m looking forward for the second book. I’m interesting to know Taylor’s story better. He seems to be a more complex character.

I would recommend this book for everybody that enjoys a bit of spicy romance in their lives.

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