Review: Agony by Kaylee Ryan

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Review: Agony by Kaylee Ryan

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Agony by Kaylee RyanAgony by Kaylee Ryan
Series: Entangled Hearts Duet #1
Published by Kaylee Ryan on June 17, 2020
Cover Design: Sommer Stein - Perfect Pear Creative Covers
Cover Photographer: Braadyn Penrod
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sports, Friends-to-Lovers
Pages: 281
Format: ARC, digital e-book
Source: Give Me Books Promotions
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Cooper Reeves was the boy-next-door. Every milestone, every memory of my youth was entangled with his.

We were inseparable... until college.
It wasn’t his friends, girls or even sports that came between us— it was me.

Tired of being in the friend zone, I finally made a move. Turns out it was the wrong one.

Cooper walked away to play his first year of professional football and left me behind with a broken heart.


It’s always been her. Even before I really knew what love was, Reese Latham was by my side, making me swear we’d be best friends forever.

And we were... until one night changed everything. I knew how she felt because I felt it too, but I pushed her away to save our friendship.

The longer we’re apart, the more I realize she’s not only my best friend, Reese is the love of my life.

I was kidding myself thinking I could let her go because now I know that living without her is the worst kind of agony.

Series Rating: five-stars

New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Sports, Friends-to-Lovers

First Person, Dual-POV

This is book #1 of the Entangled Hearts Duet and it is not suppose to be read as a stand-alone. It has a big cliffhanger at the end.

The look on his face will forever haunt me.


By Reese

Yes, perfect title. Exactly how I felt when I finished the book. I felt in agony, still feeling it. I got a moment of maybe I should have waited for the second book to be out! 🙂

I love a good friendship! I love amazing characters!

I went through an emotional journey with this book. Sometimes I was feeling Reese’s pain, others I was feeling Cooper’s angst. It hurt! At the same time, it was so beautiful. Like I’ve mentioned, I love real friends. I can’t say much more, because I don’t want to spoil anyone’s experience, I just want to remind you: be prepare to hurt so good!

Painful love!!!

31.5/35 STARS –  4.5 STARS (between 31.5 stars and 33 stars)

Addictiveness: 5 Character: 5 Cover: 3.5 Freshness: 4.5 Plot: 4.5 Romance: 4 Writing Style: 5

Action 1/5 Angst 3/5 Darkness 0/5 Humor 1/5 Romance 4/5 Suspense/Mystery 2/5

Would I recommend? Yes, for anyone that is patient and knows it takes time to get a reward. 🙂

Would I re-read this book/series? Yes!

Would I read more from the author? Definitely!!!

Addictiveness: 5/5 Reese’s feelings caught me right at the beginning. I could feel her pain, how uncomfortable in that new situation she was. How she did everything for her bestie. I’m still hooked, now with a driping iv in my arms 🙂 waiting for book 2! As addictive as chocolate!!!

Character: hero 5/5, heroine 5/5, secondary characters 5/5, growth 5/5, real 5/5 Multidimensional characters with several layers that were exposed slowly by the author with the progression of the story.

Reese was an adorable heroine. I sort of connected with her remembering my college years and even thinking of my daughter and seeing a lot of similarities. Reese was a bit quirk and different than the crowd. She didn’t want to fit in, she just wanted to be her. At the same time, unrequited love hurts and sometimes settling feels like the only option. I believe in Reese’ strength and I know I will see her persevere (yeah, this last line pep talk was mostly for myself).

Cooper was an amazing friend. He was a boy through and through! Blind for the obvious, afraid of the unknown, scared of changes and careless with love until almost too late. Like a said, a boy through and through. I loved him, but I felt like punching him a few times. 🙂

Secondary characters They were all complex and amazing. I’m going to give an honorable mention to Tessa, because she was a wonderful best friend.

Villain/antagonists This story is mostly a fight with themselves and their personal choices. I don’t really see any villain here. Everybody was there for a reason, even if I wouldn’t have personally chosen their roles myself.

Even though they were all multifaceted, they were also easy to love, connect and understand!!!

Freshness: 4.5/5 Yes!!! Unique!!! This was a contemporary college romance like a whole bunch out there, at the same time it felt fresh. Their pain, their paths it all felt different from what I have been reading. As fresh as mint tea when we have a bad cold!!!

Plot: believable 5/5, conflict 5/5, dialogue 5/5, ending 2.5/5, enjoyment 5/5, opening 5/5, pace 5/5, setting 5/5, subplots 5/5, twists 5/5  Good opening with cliffhanger at the end. Extremely believable plot, with fantastic dialogues and wonderful pace. Lovable setting, interesting subplots with unexpected twists. High level of enjoyment!

This plot was wonderfully emotional. It gave me all the chills. I went through a complete cathartic experience with these characters and I felt their pain, angst, friendship and love.

Romance: 4/5 This was true love. Friends that grew up together and have always been there for each other, but didn’t see what was right in front of them. Is so much easier to see the tree, than the forest! When they taught about it, they were afraid of the next step. They hurt each other, because seeing the other with someone else was painful. Fear worked great with inertia, and that was how this felt. They were stuck in this place and couldn’t move. Abundant love, but not many actions. Painful love, more to come!

Writing Style: 5/5 My first time reading this author and I have already been blown away by her craft. She made me feel so much and memories of this story reverberated in me for several days afterwards. Believable plot with superb characters, painful romance in a very clean, cohesive writing style. Writing of a wordsmith!

Because I try to be very analytical and I don’t really believe in perfection…

I know, I’m the cover nazi. 🙂 But to be true to myself, I buy so many books because of the cover and I have skipped many because of not very appealing art. Covers are part of the experience for me and I do like to understand them.

Cover: art 3.5/5, title 5/5, color-font 5/5, subtitle 4/5, background 2.5/5 buy 3/5  I’m obsessed with book covers. I love to find snippets of the stories within the art. I didn’t like this duet’s covers. It tells me a totally different story from the one I read. The background colors used here made it feel a bit ethereal, fantastic.. not painful and afraid. The couple is ok. I live the. contrast of colors between subtitle (series title) and the title. What is a huge catch here, what really piqued my interest here was the title.. just one word, but carries a lot of meaning!!! I don’t think I would buy this book by the cover, definitely not without reading the blurb!!!

Plot: Yes, I totally understand cliffhangers, I read too many books with them. I still don’t like them and I can’t give five star for a story that hasn’t been finished yet. 🙂

You MAY read this because you follow the author; you SHOULD read this because you read college romance; you MUST read this because it feel too real!!!

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