Review: A Wild Night’s Bride

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A Wild Night's Bride
A Wild Night’s Bride by Victoria Vane

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s so so so so good, almost totally love – 4.5 Stars!

Book #1 of Devil DeVere series.
This book is a historical romance. It funny, sensual and so so so HOT! Really, the sex scenes were really steamy! It was a great surprise for me. 🙂


Lord DeVere is well known as Devil DeVere in London. When the famous rake decides to accept the ultimate bet, he drags his proper best friend, Lord Ned Chambers, and the surprising new actress in town, Lady Phoebe Alice Scott, with him. Together, the three of them, ventures into the King’s bedroom for some mischief and mayhem.
By the end of their adventure, two of them ends up in love and one of them in trouble. Will a lord be hang or will another be married?

Impressions and opinion

Wow! The plot line created by Victoria Vane was so well crafted that I’m still amazed by it. The author was extremely clever in her writing and when I thought I knew what comes next, she threw in another curve ball. The ending is sort of unexpected and really left us hanging and wanted more! I’m so looking forward for the next book, because I know this trio still has a lot more to offer us.

In a historical romance, HEA is a given IMO; but sex in the closet and splatered to a door is was a mighty big bonus in this book.

This book has definitely become one of my spurt-the-moment rereads, but I was unable to rated it a 5 stars, because the end it’s sort of incomplete. I’m not complaining, I’m really looking forward to read more!

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