Release Blitz & Review: Dark Tide by Gwyn McNamee

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Release Blitz & Review: Dark Tide by Gwyn McNamee

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Release Blitz & Review: Dark Tide by Gwyn McNameeDark Tide by Gwyn McNamee
on July 9, 2020
Cover Design: Michelle Johnson @ Blue Sky Designs
Cover Model: Michael Giovanni Rivera, Jaclyn Elaine Swedberg
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 274
Format: ARC, digital e-book
Source: Give Me Books Promotions
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There is no black and white in this life.
The line between right and wrong blurs.
I’m constantly crossing it.
Saving a life is just as easy as taking one.
And I’m damn good at both.
Finding a woman who can survive in this world was never on the radar.
But Gabriella pulls me from the bottom of a bottle and touches me in a way no one else can.
Too bad secrets and lies have a way of catching up with everyone.

How did I end up here, slinging drinks at a dive bar in the middle of nowhere?
The choices that brought me to this were never even a glimmer of possibility only a few years ago.
How things can change so fast…
And now, my path puts me on a collision course with Orion Gates.
His bigger-than-life size and personality should be a warning.
The profession he’s chosen should be the ultimate final straw.
But instead, I find myself unable to resist his pull.
A decision that could lead to the end of all of us.

Rion and Gabriella.
Lust and lies.
Betrayal and ruin.
This tide may drown everyone…


Adult, Modern Pirate, Romantic Suspense

First Person, Dual-POV

This is book #5 of the Inland Seas series and it shouldn’t be read as a standalone.

What a finale… what a series!!!!

The Inland Seas series is a ONE-OF-A-KIND, UNIQUE, masterpiece!!!

It is so different from everything that is out there. It has complex characters in an amazing setting with great plots.

I recommend to everybody that is ready to immerse themselves with some modern day pirates!!!


33/35 STARS –  4.5 STARS (between 31.5 stars and 33 stars)

Addictiveness: 5 Character: 4.5 Cover: 5 Freshness: 5 Plot: 4 Romance: 4.5 Writing Style: 5

Action 4/5 Angst 4/5 Darkness 2/5 Humor 0/5 Romance 5/5 Suspense/Mystery 4/5

Would I recommend? Yes, for readers that enjoys sexy romance with some heavy topics done really well.

Would I re-read this book/series? Yes!

Would I read more from the author? Definitely!!!

Addictiveness: 5/5 This entire series was fast-paced, surrounded by suspense, kept me on the edge of my seat, always waiting for the next book. So so so good! As addictive as as chocolate!!!

Character: hero 4.5/5, heroine 4.5/5, secondary characters 5/5, growth 5/5, real 5/5 Very multifaceted characters that had layers and good background stories.

Gabriella was the perfect heroine for Rion. She soften Rion, she was a great juxtaposition for him. She was a huge mystery most of the book, but her back story was good and made sense.

Rion was so dark and dangerous. His story hurt, but we finally got to see what was hidden behind the mask, the bottle. So intense, so lost, he really needed a Gabriella to shine upon him and soften him up.

Secondary characters I loved this group of friends. They were each on their own way unique and intense. They each offered so much to this series and they were all able to find loving partners that complemented them.

Villain/antagonists From the first book of the series we have had a few of them. Yes, the suspense was still really huge here, but we finally got to see it all unfold.

Even though they were all complex, they were all easy to love, connect and understand!

Cover: art 5/5, title 5/5, color-font 5/5, subtitle 0/5, background 5/5 buy 5/5  I’m obsessed with book covers. I love to find snippets of the stories within the art. I always try to be true to myself, I buy so many books because of the cover and I have skipped many because of not very appealing art. Covers are part of the experience for me and I do like to understand them. I have been obsessed with the art of this entire series. We can see this is an original art for these books. We can feel the pirate mood and it fits the plot, the characters perfectly. I loved the title, cover and colors. I would easily buy this book by its cover without reading the blurb!

Freshness: 5/5 There were so many amazing things about this series, but the fact that it was UNIQUE, it was the highest point for me. I haven’t read anything like that out there. It felt fresh and one-of-a-kind. As fresh as water during summer in the middle of the desert!!!

Plot: believable 5/5, conflict 4/5, dialogue 5/5, ending 5/5, enjoyment 5/5, opening 4/5, pace 4/5, setting 5/5, subplots 4/5, twists 5/5  Great opening with an excellent ending. Realistic plot, with amazing dialogues and good pace. Wonderful setting, interesting subplots with unexpected twists. Good level of enjoyment!

It felt dangerous, suspenseful, it kept me guessing, and wondering what next. It made me cry and want to hug them. It gave me all the feels.

Romance: 4.5/5 Hot! It hurt and it healed! Intense romance!!!

Writing Style: 5/5 Amazing! Complex characters, wonderful plot, great friendship, hot romance, intense conflicts and filled with twists. All tied in a clean, cohesive writing. Writing of a wordsmith!!!!

Because I try to be very analytical and I don’t really believe in perfection…

The end of this series was wonderful and I loved the series.

Saying that, I created such a huge expectation for Rion, but Cutter still remained as my favorite.

I loved the plot, but I still have a few questions. Yeah, me and all the little details that I usually get stuck on.

So, being fair to Rogue Wave for being the perfect book, I rated this one 4.5 and not 5 stars. It was wonderful, amazing, but not as perfect as Rogue Wave. 🙂

You MAY read this because you follow the author; you SHOULD read this because you follow the series; you MUST read this because of MODERN PIRATES!!!!!

When I reach Rion, I lean forward and rest my elbows on the bar. “What can I get for you, stranger? Your usual?”
I’ve never seen him drink anything other than IPA, though he sometimes varies his brand.
His lips curl slightly. “I’ve had another shitty day. I can use something stronger tonight. I’ll take the Jack Daniels Single Barrel-Barrel Strength.”
“Damn. 130 proof. You’re not playing around tonight.”
He shakes his head and runs one of his big hands back through his already unruly hair. “I told you…shit day.”
I bite my lip. “Well, if the drink doesn’t help, I can think of something else that might improve your mood.”
And mine…
That’s about as direct as I can possibly be, and his pupils dilate while he holds my gaze. Heat crackles between us, and I fight the urge to look away from the intensity of the connection.
He leans forward across the bar, resting his elbows and mimicking my position. “Are you propositioning me?”
I can’t fight the smile that spreads across my face. “Proposition has such a dirty connotation.”
A smirk plays at his mouth. “Only if you make it dirty.”
“I’m just making an observation.”
He shrugs, and his eyes dip to my mouth. “An observation, huh?”
I nod slowly.
“Well,” he leans even closer, “then I’m going to make an observation of my own.”
“Yeah, what’s that?”
“You have absolutely beautiful lips. I haven’t been able to stop picturing them wrapped around my cock since the first night I met you.”
Sweet mother of God.
Warmth spreads between my legs, and I shift to rub them together against the dull ache forming. “Well, now. Who is propositioning who?”


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About Gwyn McNamee

Gwyn McNamee is an attorney, writer, wife, and mother (to one human baby and one fur baby). Originally from the Midwest, Gwyn relocated to her husband’s home town of Las Vegas in 2015 and is enjoying her respite from the cold and snow.  Gwyn has been writing down her crazy stories and ideas for years and finally decided to share them with the world.  She loves to write stories with a bit of suspense and action mingled with romance and heat.
When she isn’t either writing or voraciously devouring any books she can get her hands on, Gwyn is busy adding to her tattoo collection, golfing, and stirring up trouble with her perfect mix of sweetness and sarcasm (usually while wearing heels).
Gwyn is the author of The Hawke Family Series, The Slip Series, The Deadliest Sin Series, The Inland Seas Series, and The Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd (as her alter-ego D.P. Payne), along with several stand-alones.

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