Release Blitz, Giveaway & Review: Not My Type by M.E. Gordon

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Release Blitz, Giveaway & Review: Not My Type by M.E. Gordon

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Buoni Amici Press in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Release Blitz, Giveaway & Review: Not My Type by M.E. GordonNot My Type by M.E. Gordon
Series: One Night Stand #2
Published by Black Opal Books on October 28,2017
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 223
Format: kindle e-book
Source: Buoni Amici Press
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Lexi- I live on a farm…scratch that, I lived on a farm. I was on my way to L.A. to live amongst the rich and famous, to work for the rich and famous. I did not leave a farm and a seriously complicated relationship, to dive back into another one. Yet, there I was falling for a rock star that was so my type of man, it was scary. Could I ever truly leave the farm and the man I left behind to start over? Was this new relationship just a rebound from the last?

Trent- I had one type of woman all my life. I had this image of her in my head from as young as a boy. She'd be petite, beautiful long blonde hair, quiet, someone that would stand behind me as I rose to fame with my band mates. I did not see myself with a southern, loud mouthed, Amazon, of a woman who drove me up the wall. I didn't have time to be chasing a woman, they usually came to me but here I am, doing everything in my power to win over a woman who wasn't even my type

Series Rating: four-stars



Not all Southern women were demure, patient, and proper. I happened to be a part of the loud, ornery, and short-fused breed of Southern women, or so I’d been told. by Lexi


Lexi gives herself one year to try a different more exciting life. She moves from West Virginia to LA full of dreams.

Trent has a pre-definition of what he wants for his life. He not only wants  his band to become famous, but he is looking for a petite demure blond that will be submissive to him and treat him like her king.

When  he meets a woman who is so-not-his-type in a five-hour flight, he can’t understand why he is obsessing about her.

What he knows is that he needs to prove to her, he is in fact a nice guy. Will she be able to get over her first impression? Could her past compromise their future? Will they get what they need, even if is not what they wanted?


… might have said that he wasn’t my type, but the heap of muscles sitting next to me was my kryptonite. Tall, strong, badass, and sexy. by Lexi



  • Cover: Wow! Perfect! If you look at the cover, you think beautiful. After you read the book, you see Trent and Lexi. It’s amazing! Him the sexy, in-love, bass player. She, the cocky, sexy, confrontational female.
  • Plot: This is a very well-written story. It is fast-paced, cohesive, keeps you guessing and wanting more at the end.
  • Characters: Trent is perfect! He is one of the best book-boyfriends ever. He is hot, sexy, protective, sweet and not afraid of being in love. He is swoon-worthy! Lexi and I struggle a little. Yes, she is a kick-ass heroine, but she annoys me a lot. I guess because Trent was so amazing I felt his pain. All the secondary characters are very interesting also. I have loved, connected and understood them.
  • Addictiveness: This is a fun, fast-paced, hard to put down book.
  • Freshness: The writer brought a story very different from the lot that is out there. The way they met and how they keep meeting was great. Also, so many twists along the way. It was filled with surprises.


I want this, Lexi, tell me you want this and I’ll never have another type but you. by Trent



  • Heat: The couple has chemistry but I wanted a few memorable scenes. They were ok, but nothing that has stuck on my mind.



She was beautiful. Confused and all, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever known, and she wasn’t even my type. by Trent



This was my first book by the author, but it definitely won’t be the last. I know I have to go back and read Kane and Kitty’s book, but most importantly I’m really looking forward for Reece’s book. I know it won’t be the next one, but Reece, after Trent, is my favorite.

Lexi and I clashed sometimes, but I felt her. I cried and laugh with her. I guess, I can’t ask much more from a book.


You MAY read this because you follow the series, you SHOULD read this because you enjoy quirky women, you MUST read this because it has one of the BEST book-boyfriend ever!!!









I paused for a moment. Wiping the dripping water from my nose, I stared at her before I looked away and continued with my thought. “Well, maybe it would be better for you to leave now,” I said, taking a towel from the counter to dry my face and hands before I wrapped them tightly around my cuts. “You know, you should be there for John when he wakes up,” I said, turning around to face her.

“Why are you doing this?” she asked, shaking her head in disgust.

She should be disgusted, running after a man who used her and treated her like shit! Drunken Trent was pissed.

“I’m not doing anything. You’re the one who’s leaving. I’m simply suggesting that you do it sooner rather than drawing it out for later,” I snapped back. I wanted to kick Drunken Trent in the fucking balls for saying that.

“You don’t mean that,” she said, shaking her head once more. “You’re drunk and you’re going to feel like a fucking asshole in the morning for saying that to me.”

“Am I? You see, I don’t think I am. You knew I was an ass coming into this, and I knew you were a pain in mine. Did we really think this could work? I mean it might have, had you not still been in love with your fucking stepbrother!” I roared, the veins in my neck popping out with rage.

“Shut up! Shut—up!” she yelled covering her ears. “You know what? Fine! You want me gone, I’m gone,” she screamed, getting in my face.

She pushed my chest and, because I was so drunk and she was a fucking Amazon, I fell back onto the sink, my back hitting the mirror, sending a crack down the middle of it. “Good, get your sexy, fat ass out of here, baby, because clearly you never gave a fuck about me,” I yelled as she left the bathroom in a hurry.

I pushed myself off the counter and slipped on the tile floor, falling on my ass and hitting my head against the back of the sink. I sat up and finally Drunken Trent was taken down, leaving me to pick up the fucking mess he left behind.

“Lexi!” I yelled, holding my head as I fought off Drunken Trent one last time. I pushed myself away from the sink and stumbled towards the door frame. “Lexi, stop,” I called to her.

She was by the dresser, shoving her things in her bag and grabbing anything else that she might need from mine.

“Save it, asshole,” she spat over her shoulder.








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About M.E. Gordon

All about me in Five Questions

Question 1 – What makes you, you?
What makes me, me? Well I was born and raised in Central Maryland. I live now with my wonderful husband and four energetic children. My day to day consist of getting kids ready for school, answering e-mails, writing, editing, making breakfast lunch and dinner. I have always loved writing. My grandmother gave me my first journal when I was in the third grade. I wrote in it almost every day, and I still try to write in it as often as I can. Before I started my first novel and became a stay at home mom, I worked in daycare, I loved it! Never a dull moment when you have 15 kids running around!

Question 2- When you don’t have your ‘Mom hat’ or ‘Author hat’ on, what are your interests?
I love going to the movies, whether it be with my husband or friends. I get pretty jazzed about good movies. I love them all romantic, suspense, action. I don’t do scary though, unless I’m at home snuggled on the cough next to my hubby with a blanket over my head.
Go figure I love reading! I really like romantic novels but I also dabble in Young Adult, I love me some Potter and Everdeen, hell I’ll admit it, I even liked Twilight, before the movie.

Question 3 – Describe your writing set up?
When I write, I have to have music on. I have a play list for each of my stories. Without music I just can’t write. I also like writing in the dark, with only a small lamp and computer screen to light my way. For each of the novels that I write, I have a journal that I jot down future ideas in the story line, character descriptions and words I want to incorporate. I’d be lost without my journals; I carry them around with me everywhere. You never know when an idea is going to pop up in your head! I like to have a large glass of ice water and sometimes a cup of coffee, if it’s one of those days. I’m sure all you Moms out there know what I’m talking about!

Question 4 – Boxers or Briefs for your hunky heroes?
Boxer-briefs! Best of both worlds? … I think so! Oh and they’re always black!

Question 5 – Who inspires you to write?
Who inspires me to write? Honestly, I write for the women like me who want to be able to picture themselves as the heroine. All too often the leading lady is someone who’s unattainable for most. The tall, thin, long legged, beauty, the petite, slender girl next door who happens to also be drop dead gorgeous. Those women are usually frail and sometimes, not much is going on upstairs. I try to write about, real, strong women who tell it like it is. For instance, we all know that most of us wear spanks, when we go out to a club. Suck it in, stand up straight and don’t sit down, unless you’re behind a table. These are the things that constantly go through your head. I want my readers to be able to put themselves in my heroines place. What would you do if a really hot guy was dancing with you? Pray your rolls aren’t showing? Chin up to hide any chance of showing a double one? Arch your back to show off ‘assets’ you think are better than others? Maybe even move his hands just so he won’t feel that extra cushion?

Although I have written a few stories with a typical heroine and don’t get me wrong, I love them and they are ‘real’ in their own way, just not physically. Those stories were easy to write because they didn’t have body issues or insecurities, they didn’t have to worry about ‘sucking it in’ or ‘muffin tops’. Now, I wouldn’t call my heroines plus size, I call them real, real girls/women who love themselves but are still aware that they aren’t that Victoria Secret model. I find it challenging and exciting to write about curvy women and all the little things that come along with it. It’s not easy and sometimes I think that it’d be easier to follow suit and write about idealistic women, but in a way, we all are and we all need that one heroine to look up to and I hope that my leading ladies, curvy or otherwise fulfill that need for someone

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars
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