I welcome all review submissions for the following genres:

  • BDSM
  • chic lit
  • contemporary
  • dark erotica
  • erotica
  • erotic romance
  •  fantasy
  • gothic
  • historical
  • LGBT
  • paranormal
  • urban fantasy

I will review romance and all of its sub genres except:

  • nonfiction
  • only f/f romance ( I will read f/f within a story, but I do need a male character)
  • religious undertones 

Please understand that by submitting your request, it does not mean your book will be reviewed.
I reserve the right not to review any book at my discretion, but I won’t take any book until I have decided to review your story.
If I accept your review request, I will inform you.
I aim for 4 weeks time period. So, please bear  in mind when requesting reviews.
My TBR list is very long, but I try to consider every review request.

If you would like to have your book reviewed send an email to morebooksthanlivros@gmail.com
It would help if you add the following information with your request:

  • blurb
  • genre
  • release date
  • page count
  • if the books is part of a series 

I don’t garantee a glowing review for every book submitted.
If the person submitting the book for review is not happy with my final work, my review will not change.
I will always offer my honest opinion, therefore I will not pull a review solely based on a negative review rating.

My reviews are honest and not paid for. Some authors provide books, but it doesn’t have an affect on my reviews ratings.

 I will always post my reviews at my blog, on GR, on amazon if asked (usually needs editing), twitter, facebook, pinterest and tumblr and G+.

I accept e-books (preferably in mobi, but I will accept pdf if is formatted for e-reader).

I’m available to host giveaways, author interviews, character interview, guest posts and other events. It’s free except by a giveaway.

  • I’m a reader that decided to post her reviews online, I’m not a professional reviewer.
  • I also would like to point out that I’m Brazilian. English is not my first language, and even though I consider myself a great English speaker, my reviews are not always grammar-mistake-free. I try to write them at the best of my capabilities. If you see any horrible mistake, feel free to send me an email. I’m always about learning. 🙂