My first post

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Since I joined Goodreads my books have become a mess. I don’t know anymore what series I follow, what books have I read and what books should I’ve been reading. Right now, chaos has become my world of books! Hence my reason to start this blog.
It’s my way of trying to organize myself!

What I’m going to do here? I’m not really sure. Probably this:

  • book reviews
  • list of my book series
  • list of my book challenges
  • anything fun related to my books, authors that I like and sites that I enjoy
  • anything else that I find interesting such as magazines articles or movies I’ve enjoyed.
Why am I writing in English?
As it says in my title I read more books in English than in Portuguese, mainly because my favorite authors write in English and my favorite genres are easier founded in English. It doesn’t mean that I won’t ever make a post in Portuguese, because I never know what I maybe reading next. I will post it here in the language that I read my book.
Here, I will share with you my reading journey! 
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