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Yes! Almost a year ago I had to leave my blog behind and face  real life dance. It was hard. I knew I left so many people down, because I had some reviews to turn in that I couldn’t. So it was a struggle for me to be back here.

I don’t want to promise anyone something that I won’t be able to give. 

At the same time, every book I’ve read, I’ve felt compelled to come back and post a review. Every review I haven’t posted, made me feel bad. I know writers would like to have them.

So, I guess I’m back! Or, at least I will try, in a totally different pace. 


Back to my real life, for those that have asked… my mother-in-law is doing well. It was a long road, but she is a warrior. She is a 5’2″ little angel, but she fights like the best of them out there.

She relearned how to speak, walk, go to the bathroom, eat and the only “scar” she has brought from this last year is harder mobility on her right arm.  In fact, she is doing really well.

We (my family and I), on the other hand, were faced with mortality. It was a very close call and even one year later, I still don’t think we are anymore ready than last year.

I know as time goes by that my parents are getting older, my in-laws even older than my parents, but I still can grasp the concept that their time around here may be nearing the end. I totally envy those that can plan this ahead. I cannot. I’m always postponing it. I don’t even have funeral insurance. I know I should. But I don’t want to believe their end is near. Really, my grandparents all died in their nineties. So, there is still a long time for them.


Ok, I guess I’m all over the place with this post. Back to books!


I will start posting some reviews. I don’t know if I can review every book that I have read while away from the blog, but I will try for some of them.

I have also started to go through my NetGalley list and will be doing some of those.


Feels good to be back!




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4 responses to “Mortality

  1. Dawn Ireland


    Welcome back! I’m so glad your mother-in-law is doing well. It can be a long road to recovery, and I’m sure you were a big help.

    I don’t think you can prepare to lose a loved one. I’ve lost both my parents, and the pain changes over the years, but there’s never a day when I don’t long to see them ‘just one more time.’ So, treasure the moments you have and know that those memories are the greatest legacy.

    I look forward to your reviews:)

  2. Sotia Lazu

    I’m glad your mother-in-law is doing well, and I totally understand the aversion toward planning for a loved one’s passing. Whenever the though of losing my parents crosses my mind, I force my thoughts elsewhere. It’s not the most mature thing, but I can’t bear to think of it.

    Sending you huge hugs, and welcome back!