June Wrap-Up & July’s Reading List

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Another month has gone by and I’ve decided to explain a little about my last 8 months.

  • October of Last Year my father found he had prostate cancer. It was small, only needed radiotherapy. It was scary, I got reader’s block, but mostly I couldn’t find the drive to write reviews.

Without writing reviews, why would I keep on blogging? Also, I would rather write no review than offered a 5 sentence one that only says, oh it was good or bad. I know, I’m very set on my own ways, I like order and it feels wrong if is not like I have already planned my reviews. I’m always changing a bit, but I have topics I like to follow. It may seem easy, but it takes me at least one hour for each blog post.

  • February my father finally finished his treatment and he was given a clean bill of health. Cancer free!April I finally started blogging again. So, my blog when through a hiatus from November of last year, until April without any explanation from me. I knew I was coming back, I started my blog on October of 2011. I just needed a reason. That reason came when I started reading again and started to become frustrated with my kindle library, that I felt I couldn’t find anything.

Remember that I said, that I’m very set on my ways? Well, I can’t read without Goodreads to organize my books, I hate to read and not post a review, and as I mentioned above, I cannot write a 5 sentence review.

That’s how I came back to blogging!

Now I have goals, I’m always trying to improve here. One thing I’m stuck is trying to get my bookstagram really working. I used to post once every few weeks, so I’m trying to improve there.

I’m glad that I’ve come back to my blog even though June was a bit messy. I still have some more reviews to post, so it is wasn’t like I wanted it to be. Baby steps, I know. Real world has a tendency of getting in the way. 🙂

Covid-19 has arrived strongly in Brazil and we were not spared. Not inside my house too much, my husbands and kids were great. But my father, step-mom, both of my brothers and about 10 other people that they interact in a daily basis at home and work, all positive for Covid. Everybody is fine now. Last test result from all of you was negative.

Even in a crazy month, I still managed to post several reviews and I have to say I’ve been reading some amazing book. I feel really blessed!!!!

Take a look below what I have managed in June and what I have plan for July.

  • Cover Reveal: Until You Believe by D.M. Davis (July 1st)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Drowning by Hope Jones (July 2nd)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Thank You, Next Chapter by Cassie Graham (July 3rd)
  • Cover Reveal: The Shrink by Sophia Karlson (July 6th)
  • Excerpt Reveal: The Rival by Vi Keeland (July 9th)
  • Release Blitz: Before I Die by Nikki Ash (July 9th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Dark Tide by Gwyn McNamee (July 9th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Blurred Lines by Victoria Ellis. (July 10th)
  • Release Blitz & Review:  Am I the Only One by E.K. Blair (July 10th)
  • Release Blitz: The Rival by Vi Keeland (July 13th)
  • Cover Reveal: Cop-Out by Misty Walker (July 13th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Malicious by Alex Grayson & Melissa Toppen (July 14th)
  • Cover Reveal: Grip by Lacey Black (July 15th)
  • Review: Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark (July 15th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Detour by A. Marie (July 16th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Forever Love by Brooke Summers (July 16th)
  • Release Blitz & Review:  Trick You by Tracy Lorraine (July 16th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Bliss by Kaylee Ryan (July 16th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Devious Little Liar by Elle Thorpe (July 16th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Poodle by K.L. Savage (July 17th)
  • Release Blitz: Cocky Hero Club (July 19th)
  • Review: Egotistical Player by Bella Emy (July 19th)
  • Review: Cocky Striker by Evan Grace (July 19th)
  • Review: Shameless Bastard by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes (July 19th)
  • Review: Heartbreaker by Julie Kriss (July 19th)
  • Title, Cover & Blurb Reveal: Penelope Ward’s new release (July 20th)
  • Excerpt Reveal: King of Souls by L. A. Cotton (July 20th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Bang by Nikki Belaire (July 20th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Devious by J.M. Stoneback (July 20th)
  • Cover Reveal: The Initiation by Elena Monroe (July 22nd)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Deliver us from Evil by Logan Fox (July 22nd)
  • Cover Reveal: Fragile Things by Samantha Lovelock (July 23rd)
  • Release Blitz & Review: The Bratva Blood Duet by SR Jones (July 23rd)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Boy #1: The Wannabe Rockstar by Penny Sixsmith (July 24th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Until You Believe by D.M. Davis (July 28th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Desk Banger by K.S. Rochell (July 29th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: Ruthless Kings by Laura Lee (July 29th)
  • Release Blitz & Review: The Shrink by Sophia Karlson (July 30th)

Yes, I have a busy July, but is vacation time and with the quarantine, I will be at home.

Thank you so much for sticking with me. I’m a one woman blog and I do it because I love books and reading. I mostly read in English, even though I’m in Brazil, so blogging, Goodreads, Facebook and Instagram keep me updated and I find people to discuss my books with.

In fact, I’m so glad for the book community. In a majority, we are all so receptive and kind. From authors, to readers, bloggers, publishers and PR people.

Thank you! I hope you have a great month, filled with books and characters and that you all stay heath and safe!

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