Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


I’m sorry!


Hi all! I’m sorry for not posting for about a week. I’ve missed some reviews and posts, but I’m fixing it all no later than tomorrow.

Due to crazy weather, I was out of my house for a few days and come back last weekend to a really dirty house to clean and fix.


It was a choice for us to live in the outskirts of town, in the middle of nature. I don’t regret it! I’m really close to everything (malls, restaurants, beaches, theaters, etc.), but at the same time I live inside a natural reserve. I love it! But as everything else in life there is a price to pay.

It’s summer time right now in Rio and is HOT!!!!! For about four days last week, it rained a lot and we had floods, mudslides and inside my gated community trees falling down. No energy, means no internet, no phones signals and  specially no AIR CONDITIONER! Let me tell you, nobody should survive Rio’s summer without AC. So we had to leave the house for a while.

Well, we finally come back home by the end of the week, and I had to spend my CARNAVAL holiday cleaning up and getting everything back into place.

Today, I’m finally able to turn on my computer and look at the mess I left behind here.

I’m sorry!!!



I know some of you are not even understanding anything….. for those that didn’t know, I did live in America for 10 years, but have come back to my country and city (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). My eldest daughter is now attending university in San Francisco, USA and that is why I sort of live back and forth, with right now me being in Rio, that is 6 hours ahead of San Francisco.





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