Guest Post with Rachel Woods and Review of Flawless Danger

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Guest Post with Rachel Woods and Review of Flawless Danger

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Goddess Fish Promotions in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Guest Post with Rachel Woods and Review of Flawless DangerFlawless Danger by Rachel Woods
Series: The Spencer & Sione #1
Published by BonzaiMoon Books LLC on July 23, 2016
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 352
Source: Goddess Fish Promotions
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Trying to rectify the mistake that unleashed his dark past, Sione runs to the rescue of a beautiful woman staying at his resort, saving her from a brutal attack … The sly beauty who doesn’t want a hero is no damsel in distress, considering the suspicious circumstances she seems involved in. He should stay away from the beautiful liar, but something about her makes him want to forget his doubts and do anything—even if it means relying on his violent instincts—for a chance to be with her.


Flawless Danger

The Spencer & Sione #1

Rachel Woods



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Guest Post


Rachel Woods offer us a glimpse into her daily routine and talk about a future project!


  1. Talk about what a typical day is like for you while writing a book

A typical day for me while writing is anything but typical! Because of my “day job”, I usually do most of my writing after I’ve gotten off work. After dinner (and maybe exercising), I’ll usually try to tackle a few scenes while watching Days of our Lives.

  1. Talk about tips, tricks, and tools that help keep your life organized while writing 

The tools that keep me organized are lots and lots of notebooks, my Samsung and Dropbox. I’m sort of “old school” and I love to write in long form. After I write out my scenes and ideas, I will dictate them into my phone’s Memo app and then I’ll save those notes to Dropbox.

  1. List story ideas you hope to tackle in the future

In the future, I’d love to tackle (or finally finish, rather), my Young Adult multi-generational time travel saga, which will span from the late 19th century to the present. Additionally, I have several paranormal aspirations involving zombies that I hope to tackle.



review by



Hot; charged with suspense; mysterious!!!


review 1


  • Amazing cover, great title. It was the perfect beginning for this story. We can see the setting, feel the danger, sense the heat!
  • Fast-paced read, that kept me guessing and ended wanting more. In fact, I’m really looking forward for book #2. There were so many things left unsaid, that I already can envision trouble in the near future. How can a love story survive so many secrets? I know Ms. Woods is going to make it with a great spin to it.
  • Three main sub-plots that nicely merge into one. Sort of like tying loose ends. The author masterfully wrote this story with no typo mistakes, very cohesive and no weak points that I can remember. Lots os twists creatively done.
  • Both Spencer and Sione kept me into a love/hate relationship. They have really played with my emotions taking me from one extreme to the other. Ben is also a great secondary character.
  • The HEAT is on!!! 🙂 Really, this is hot! The couple’s chemistry is combustible. Their attraction seems fatal. In fact, I think Spencer is a very sexually woman, since all men go crazy, almost obsessively, for her.
  • This was a hard to put down book. Quiet addictive read!


Review 2


  • This book is number one of a series. If felt almost like a serial, with so many secrets left to solve and a lot of things to be understood yet.
  • Nobody is really good or totally bad on this book. Really the love and hate relationship I had with the character was amazing. 🙂 But I still have to take a tiny star for those moments that I wanted to go slap their faces and tell them to wake up. Really, who would follow that sister?


You MAY buy this book because you like suspense; you SHOULD buy this book because you like steamy romance; you MUST read this book because you like your romance with a lot of spice on it and a dash of danger!!!







“Ms. Edwards.”


Spencer froze, still bent at the waist, staring at the floor, trying to ignore the prickly heat rising up her neck and the sound of Sione’s voice, which gave her a warm shiver.


Standing, struggling to cover herself with the sarong, Spencer took a step back as Sione walked into the dressing room, filling it with his size and strength, crowding her, and a sudden attack of claustrophobia battled with a warm sensation starting deep below her navel and snaking southward toward the center of her thighs.


“Where is the sales lady?”


“I think she’s helping another customer,” he said.


“Another customer,” Spencer mumbled, still trying to cover herself with the swatch of pink fabric. “That figures.”


“You need a different size or something?”


“I don’t know how to tie this thing.” Spencer shook her head. “I’ve tried and tried.”


“Let me help you,” Sione said.


“No, no,” She said. “You don’t have to do that, just … I think you should leave.”


Smiling, Sione grabbed the sarong from her.


A strange sound erupted from her, something between a squeal and a shriek, as she stood there in her lace bra and matching panties.


“It’s actually very easy.” He moved behind her.


Flabbergasted by his blatant audacity, she shook her head.


Sione maneuvered Spencer’s arms and then wrapped the sarong around her. Shell-shocked, she stood stiff as a board as he worked with the sarong, twisting the ends, bringing them up and behind her neck, and tying them together.


“Okay, there you go.” He turned her toward the mirror.


“Hmm,” Spencer mumbled, turning to the side, admiring his handiwork, vaguely wondering how he did it and how he knew how to do it.


“You really know how to put one of these things on.”


“I know how to take one off, too.”




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About Rachel Woods

As a pre-teen, a young Rachel quickly tired of the Sweet Valley High Series and moved on to work by Sidney Sheldon, Jackie Collins and Dominick Dunne, which was just the spark necessary to fuel her love of writing. Her first stories were written on a Brother typewriter during long summer days in Texas, where she always had an extra typewriter ribbon and correction tape handy.

Rachel later studied journalism and graduated from the University of Houston where she published articles in the Daily Cougar. She is a freelance writer and blogger with a penchant for melodrama and a frequent traveler to beach locales. Many of her stories take place on the islands, which she has visited around the world.

Rachel writes complex, multicultural stories centered on strong women in jeopardy, fighting for love and their own lives. When not writing, this read-a-holic can be found listening to audiobooks, reading the Book of Jeremiah, or scouring soap opera blogs. Rachel resides in Houston with her three sock monkeys.

Rating Report
Overall: four-stars
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