Giveaway: More Books Than Livros 5th Blogversary

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Giveaway: More Books Than Livros 5th Blogversary



October is party month at More Books Than Livros. I’m having a giveaway to celebrate these dates!

From today, October 19th, when More Books Than Livros turns 5 years old; and next Thursday, October 26th, when I, Isabelle, turn 42 years old; I will have a rafflecopter running here.


There will be three prizes:

1st place: an Amazon gift card of US$25

2nd place: 2 e-books from my favorites list (any 5 star review that I have ever given)

Third place: 1 e-book from my favorites list


Also, if you wouldn’t mind leaving a post comment, I would like to know what do you like  and/or dislike about my book reviews. I don’t mind constructive criticism! In fact, I believe in evolving and growing from criticism. I’m always trying to improve  my reviews’ writing skills and your help would be invaluable.


Thank You for visiting!


More Books Than Livros is turning 5!



And I’m turning 42!



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2 responses to “Giveaway: More Books Than Livros 5th Blogversary

  1. Katherine Jones

    With your reviews, I love that you have a write-up and also a rating system, because they’re both personal and informative to a potential reader. Also, I really appreciate how well rganized they are, you can easily find a particular review if you need/want to. 🙂
    (Reese on the widget)