Friday Kick-Ass Heroines

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Maddie Springer
the not dumb-blonde-type
Fashion Designer
total girly-girl
it’s always stumbling over dead bodies

  • she has a relationship with LAPD homecide detective Jack Ramirez
  • she kick-ass without trying and always wearing high-heels
  • she makes me laugh out loud
  • she is loyal to her friends
  • danger finds her, and she takes it all in stride

If you would like to know more about Maddie take a look at book 1 one her series, Spying in High Heels

Why Maddie?

Meet Ramirez her super hot cop

This is her friend Felix, that is in love with Maddie 

Visit Gemma Halliday’s page and read more about the High Heel Series:
* part of the information above and the images were taken from Gemma Halliday’s web page*

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