Character Interview, Review & Giveaway: Playing Doctor by Kate Allure

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This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Sourcebooks in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Character Interview, Review & Giveaway: Playing Doctor by Kate AllurePlaying Doctor by Kate Allure
Series: Meeting Men #1
Published by Sourcebooks Casablanca on January 6, 2015
Genres: anthology, Erotic Romance
Pages: 272
Source: Sourcebooks
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The doctor will see you now...

Three sizzling-hot erotic romance stories to stoke your mood


In The Intern, the temperature of Dr. Lauren Marks’s office quickly rises when her new medical intern Courtney turns out to be a passionate and sexy young man.


Valerie realizes all of her fantasies when her sexy surgeon and her loving husband team up to offer her some extra-special treatment in My Doctor, My Husband, and Me.


Nikki gets more than she bargained for in Seize the Doctor when the hot guy she recently met at a bar walks into her exam room wearing a white coat. Good thing she wore her sexiest lingerie.


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Series Rating: three-stars

Character Interview:

Today on The Doctor Is In we get to meet three hunky physicians from Kate Allure’s soon to be released erotic romance anthology Playing Doctor—because the only thing sexier than one Alpha doctor is three!


In Playing Doctor, you’ll meet young, blond, and movie-star handsome Courtney Sinclair in the summer romance “The Intern.” Next is the spicy ménage “My Doctor, My Husband, and Me,” with Luka Czerny—a surgeon with thick lustrous black hair, just the hint of a sexy foreign accent, and a bedside manner like warm honey. And then there is Hunter Sterling—think Greek god gorgeous but with a friendly boy-next-door personality—who finds true love in “Seize the Doctor.” Where else but in Playing Doctor can you take three sexy doctors to bed with you?


Until then, get to know them in our interview series, The Doctor Is In, where today we ask:


You walk into your office and your woman is sitting on your desk wearing only your stethoscope. What do you do?


Dr. Hunter Sterling: Since she’s already taken the initiative, I think I would let her “play doctor” with me as the patient…this time, after locking the door, of course. I would tell her all the places that “hurt” and ask her to carefully, personally, examine me. I think this would take a long time to do it right. Hmmm. The more I think about it, the more I like the idea.


Court Sinclair: That reminds me of the time the sexiest, sweetest doctor I know did something sort of like that to me. Lauren caught me unawares in an exam room where she thoroughly examined me to the point of…umm…well you get the idea. Then she ducked out, leaving me stuck there until I could get myself under control. Therefore, I know exactly what I would do if I found Lauren naked. I would enjoy a little pay back until she was hot, bothered, and begging. Then I’d vanish just like she did, but take her clothes too and leave her truly stuck. After a few minutes I’d return, of course, to thoroughly “finish” the exam.


Dr. Luka Czerny: What a naughty question! Makes one think the interviewer likes to play as well. But…hmmm, what would I do? Ahhh, yes. I would shut the door and tell Valerie what a naughty, wicked patient she in presuming to make herself at home in my office with my equipment. Then I’ll take her over my knee for a thorough spanking on her bare ass. Valerie always squirms so much when we play, that I’ll be quite ready to use my more personal equipment afterwards.




In The Doctor is In anthology you find three novellas with doctors as one of the main characters. They are all erotica novellas, in which the female character find or rediscover her sensual side. These tales present the females journey and not necessarily a HEA type of romance. Yes, they are happily ever after at the end of the book, but not because they have found their own true love, but because they have learned how to love themselves above all.

2 stars novella

The first story is The Intern, which is my least favorite of the three. I had a hard time connecting with the heroine, and I guess I’m all about characters. Even though I didn’t like the heroine much, I’ve enjoy the concept of her journey of self-discovery.

4 stars novella

The second story, My doctor, my husband and me, is my favorite of three. Even though the plot doesn’t seem very realistic for me, I’ve enjoyed their encounter and the idea behind it all. There are some pretty hot scenes at this one.

3 stars novella

The third story, Seize The Doctor, is a fun tale with an amazing hot scene at a doctor’s office!


You MAY read this book because you enjoy anthologies; you SHOULD read this book because you are looking for some erotic read; but you MUST read this book to have some fun time “playing doctor”!

“We only get one life to live, and we have to seize opportunities when they come along. I am living my dreams with courage, stepping to a beat that is mine alone, and truly living my life to the fullest with no regrets, I realize, as I drift off to sleep in the tropical sunshine.” 

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Excerpt from Playing Doctor – “Seize the Doctor”


At the door to her apartment building, they lingered and talked more while holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. Hunter gently caressed her hand, making small swirling circles with his thumb on the soft pad of her palm. Nikki seemed as aroused as he was, her eyes dilated and her breath coming in short little pants. He very much wanted to kiss her and hoped she would let him. Nikki swayed toward him, and his arm came around to support the small of her back, gently pulling her against his body.


“May I kiss you good night?” he asked in a low, husky voice.


“Mmm, yes,” she replied, melting into him and tilting her face upward.


His heart pounding, Hunter slowly lowered his mouth to meet hers, just the gentlest sweeping touch on her lips. His breath caught in his throat as he stood wanting and needing more. Deepening the kiss, Hunter crushed her tightly to him and stroked her lips with his tongue. He was burning with desire and wondered for perhaps the hundredth time this evening if she was wearing those so-sexy underthings. Oh, how he would love to see them on her, to slowly peel them off her body and explore her with his tongue. Thinking that he was getting dangerously carried away, he started to pull back, but then Nikki parted her lips and welcomed his kiss into her mouth. Hunter pulled her even more tightly to him.


He could taste Nikki now, the subtle flavor of her mixed with the tangy beer they had consumed with dinner. The press of her breasts to his chest, her peaked nipples pressing into him, sent a shooting thrill throughout his body. His hand ached to reach up and caress her there. Before he got carried away, Hunter started to release her, but Nikki reached up and put her arms around his neck, pulling him back to her and deepening the kiss.


It felt so good, so hot. Hunter reveled in the sensations and the awareness that this gorgeous woman wanted him as much as he wanted her. His bulging erection pressed into her belly, and he could barely stop himself from rubbing it against her. Instead, he ended the kiss and stepped firmly away, feeling unstable, as if he might lose control and yank her back, and then nothing would be able to stop him from finishing what they were starting. He needed to get away quickly. He didn’t want to ruin things now.


“This was a terrific evening. Thank you,” Hunter said, turning away quickly, worried that Nikki might try to restart the kiss. Very much wanting her to do just that.


“I enjoyed it too. Bye,” Nikki responded, still leaning toward him.


“Thank you again. I’ll call you soon,” he said as he resolutely walked away.

Hunter felt young and carefree…



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About Kate Allure

Kate Allure is the creator of the Meeting Men series and Club Exotica. She has been a storyteller her entire life, writing plays, short stories, and dance librettos throughout her childhood and later for semi-professional theater and dance companies. Her non-fiction writing included working for American Ballet Theatre and New York City Ballet and authoring a weekly arts column for local papers. Beyond writing, Kate’s passions include traveling and exploring all things sensual with her loving husband. Follow Kate at on Facebook and at

Rating Report
Overall: three-stars
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5 responses to “Character Interview, Review & Giveaway: Playing Doctor by Kate Allure

  1. Bev Kangas

    I think the doctor would be the sexiest because he would be most familiar with anatomy. 😉

  2. Anita Yancey

    I think that the sexiest profession is a police officer or a detective.

  3. Kate Allure

    I think police officers are sexy too! Upcoming books in my Meeting Men series include Lawyering Up (August 2015), Getting Serviced (strong men who work with their hands), and Extra Credit (professors). And then, First Responders–-police men, firemen, and more…YUM!

    You can find many more Doctor Is In interview dates and giveaway chances on the “About” page of my website and they all come with links.

    Thank you also to More Books Thank Livros for hosting my doctors today. ~ Kate

  4. Michelle DeLeon

    I think firemen are sexy. Sounds like an interesting read, added to my wishlist! Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  5. skynkatesmom

    Any type of uniform works for me! hmmm perhaps the UPS guys cause they always bring me things!