Guest Post, Giveaway & Review: Chasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot

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Guest Post, Giveaway & Review: Chasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot

This book may be unsuitable for people under 18 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

I received this book for free from Writer Marketing in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Guest Post, Giveaway & Review: Chasing Sisyphus by JL PeridotChasing Sisyphus by JL Peridot
Series: The Basilica Conspiracy #1
Published by Siren Publishing on September 12, 2017
Genres: Erotic Romance, Futuristic, novella
Pages: 92
Format: kindle e-book
Source: Writer Marketing
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Bounty hunter Adria Yuan is hot on the trail of her final hit: a notorious hacker wanted by the city’s elite. With the reward, she can pay for her brother’s surgery and finally get out of Basilica City. Trouble is, her line of work’s not exactly legal, and she’s barely staying ahead of the cops who want her target, too.

Detective Rhys Carver may be a little unorthodox, but he’s a good cop. Born and bred in Basilica, he does his part to keep his city clean. As clean as it gets, at least. And with Adria suddenly in his sights, it’s going to take more than falling in love for him to let her go.

As the pair close in on their mark, they are unwittingly drawn into a high profile conspiracy that could thrust the whole of Basilica into chaos. Can Adria and Rhys set aside their differences, and their desires, to save the only home they know?

Series Rating: three-stars


JL Peridot visited More Books Than Livros and answered:


Details, anchors — writing a sex scene that works


How can you tell you’re reading a bad sex scene?


Easy — it’s just not sexy.

As a reader, I’ve come across some awful sex scenes in romance and erotica, usually terrible for one of two reasons:

  1. it reads like a step-by-step technical manual (TIL the word “IKEA erotica”), or
  2. it focuses so much on the characters’ internal journey that I forget they’re even having sex.

“Purple prose” (too many fancy words and metaphors) can also kill the mood, but maybe it’s a thing of old, as I don’t remember reading much of these!

As a writer, I’m scared to death every time I have to write a bit of action. Whether it’s a sex scene, a heated argument or an all-out brawl, the purpose is the same — to provoke emotional arousal in the reader. And it’s so easy to get this wrong.

It’s not that scenes shouldn’t be technical. You need to know where the tabs and slots are going to be sure something’s actually happening. And it’s not that scenes shouldn’t talk about the character’s memories and inner struggle. Those details are what give meaning to the action.

The most challenging part about writing my novel was getting the sex and fight scenes just right. For me, a good provocative scene weaves and balances the technical with the internal, throws in a bit of metaphor for drama, and a dash of vulgarity to anchor you in the moment.

Sure, I want to know my heroes hands are on my heroine’s skin, but I also want to know why it matters. Instead of inch-by-inch updates, I want to be swept away by feelings I can relate to. Not the fact that their bodies collide, but the sensation of their crashing like waves upon a cliff — and all the intensity that goes long with it, between the lines.

Earlier this year, I saw a hilarious tweet by a male erotica writer along the lines of: “If I don’t have a hard-on after writing, I know I’ve done it wrong.” Well then! I don’t have the right equipment for that, but I can definitely relate to the feeling. I hope my readers enjoy the sex, as well as the story and the suspense in my new novel, Chasing Sisyphus.


Thank you, Isabelle, for having me on your blog!


It was almost a hundred years ago that the Nova Legion defended humanity against the Zaddash. by Adria

In Basilica, where everyone does what it needs to survive, Adria is a bounty hunter, so she can finance her little brother’s treatment. She doesn’t enjoy her job, but after her parents were killed at war, she had to take care of herself and her younger brother. What she could never guess was that she would meet a cop that would make her reflect upon her choices.

Rhys Carter is a cop that believes in the law. For him, there is right and there is wrong, and there is nothing in between.  While looking for the  hacker that have been terrorized Basilica, he came across a bounty hunter and he knows he must lock her in. But, is life really so black in white? What would he find in the underworld of Basilica that  might change his stance in life?

  • Addictiveness: This was an easy, fast read for me. Not only this is a novella, moreover a very short book, but the suspense kept me interested and wanting to know what would happened.
  • Character: hero 4/5, heroine 4/5, secondary characters 4/5, growth 4/5, real 3/5  Rhys is a hot, alpha male. I like him. Adria is an amazing kick-ass heroine. Several great secondary characters such as Declan. Both main characters evolve during the read and they feel sort of real. They are easy to like and understand.
  • Freshness: This story is unique. Ms. Peridot has used her creativity and brought a romance between an outlaw and a cop in a far distant future.
  • Plot: believable 2.5/5, conflict 4/5, dialogue 3/5, ending 3/5, enjoyment 3.5/5, opening 3/5, pace 3/5, setting 3/5, subplots 3/5, twists 4/5  Great conflict and good dialogue. Ok beginning and ending. Easy to enjoy. A few good surprises in the story.
  • Romance: believable 3/5, chemistry 3.5/5, description 4/5, development 2.5/5, steam3.5/5 They have good chemistry and the smut description is wonderful. Some hot scenes!!!
  • Writing Style: This was good. The author wrote a story that grabbed my attention. The suspense was very well done.



  • Cover: art 3/5, title 2.5/5, subtitle 3/5, color-font 2.5/5, buy 2/5  I wouldn’t buy this book without reading the blurb. I don’t like the colors and how dark the cover art is. I think the title is not catchy enough and the colors used were not great.
  • Plot: World-built. The problem with a futuristic novel being so short is that there is not enough time for the build a proper background to the story. I have ended the book wanting to know more, so I could understand better this world.
  • Plot: Ending. A lot of things unresolved. I believe book two will clear more things.


But did one kid have to die so another could live? That was just life in this goddamned city. by Adria



This was an interesting beginning of a series. I have enjoyed the story and the book flow was great.


  • Action 3.5/5
  • Angst 2/5
  • Darkness 0/5
  • Humor 2/5
  • Romance 3.5/5
  • Suspense/Mystery 4/5
  • Would I recommend? I would recommend this book for someone who is willing to try something different from the usual.
  • Would I re-read this book? No.
  • Would I re-read this series? I don’t know.
  • Would I read more from the author? Yes. I guess I’m curious how this story will continue.

You MAY read this because you know the author; you SHOULD read this if you like some spice within your romance; you MUST read this if you want to meet amazing new characters!!!


Adria took a deep breath. Then another. The air was too thick in here. Shadows and sparks crept over her vision. Why was the floor moving?


She fumbled for the doorknob. No dice. Dried her hand on the towel and tried again. Cool air flooded in. Sweat prickled her skin. She blinked hard and rubbed water from her eyes. The dull carpet beneath her seemed to stretch on forever, a giant tilting landscape meeting a worn wallpaper horizon.


Detective Carver stepped toward her. He held out a cup and motioned for her to take it. She tucked a finger in the handle and clutched it in both hands. A dark crack streaked the rim like a wrinkle in a knuckle. Meanwhile, her own knuckles were pale.


“I guess I should thank you”—he smiled—“you know, for saving my life.”


“Don’t mention it,” she whispered, vision clearing as she sucked in a breath of fresh motel air.


The detective’s shirt hung, still wet, on the back of a chair. The contours of his chest and abdomen showed through his dark undershirt, accentuated by the sheen of composite fabric under lamplight. A shallow dimple creased the edge of his smile.






They’d come so close to not making it. But he’d cuffed her round the front. He was the sort of cop who’d do a thing like that. And the few seconds it bought made all the difference.


That’s why she went back.


He stood in front of her and knocked back his shot, the muscles in his wrist and arm flexing and twisting with the motion.


“Hey”—he looked at her—“something the matter?”


Heart racing, she downed her drink without a word and reached for him. She pulled his face to hers. His skin was warm. His breath was warm. Beneath the smell of liquor and earthy river water lurked the aroma of another person. A breathing person who caught her as she fell into him, as she kissed him, fumbling for something to hold onto.


The detective let go of his cup. It landed next to hers on the carpet. She kicked them both away. Her lips recognised him, recognised the sensation of life breathing between them both. Only this time, he was alive, too, hot and moving. His arms gripped her, holding her as she pushed her body toward him, against the growing need under his clothes. She was a buoy, slammed into him by waves in a storm. He clung to her, seizing fistfuls of her hair.


“What are we doing?” he gasped.


“We almost died tonight.”


She kissed him again, seeking his tongue where their lips met. Her nimble fingers worked the clasp of his belt. When it was undone, she peeled his undershirt from his muscular torso. His skin was cold beneath her touch, or were her hands hot from the shower? She looked at him. Right in the eye. She guided his hands up her waist and watched him intently.


“Fuck that, right?”


“Yeah”—he nodded—“fuck that.”



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About JL Peridot

JL Peridot still blushes a bit when the conversation turns to sex. Luckily, she has a loving partner and pervy friends who tell her everything will be all right. From her home in Perth, Western Australia, she writes erotic romance, and sometimes just erotica.



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