Book Tour, Giveaway & Review: Hidden Truths by Kristin Coley

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Book Tour, Giveaway & Review: Hidden Truths by Kristin Coley

I received this book for free from YA Bound Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Book Tour, Giveaway & Review: Hidden Truths by Kristin ColeyHidden Truths by Kristin Coley
on September 1, 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance, Mystery
Pages: 188
Source: YA Bound Book Tours
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A missing boy...a girl haunted by answers.

Addie's kept her ability secret her entire life. When a local boy goes missing though she's forced to expose herself when she enlists the aid of a suspicious hero to chance a harrowing rescue.

Jake's determined to resist the crazy girl asking for help but can't when he realizes she knows more than she should. He's forced to keep her safe knowing her knowledge could get her killed if the wrong people found out.

Their reluctant alliance will unearth secrets that push them towards a dangerous situation neither could have anticipated.

Hidden truths never stay hidden.

A paranormal romance/mystery novel.



Hidden Truths

by Kristin Coley




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Mysterious; romantic; thrilling!!!


I could confirm what he knew, answer questions to get us closer to the truth, plus I knew exactly who had committed the crime. by Addie


review 1


  • Everything! 🙂
  • Amazing plot! Addie has a paranormal gift that gives her the answer for all questions. She joins forces with a young undercover cop to solve a mysterious murder case.
  • This was a very fast-paced read that kept me guessing and wanting more at the end.
  • The author’s writing style is incredible, with everything very cohesive and relevant to the story. There are a few plot twists along the way and some sub-plots that make this book a very easy read.
  • I love both main characters and also all secondary characters. In fact, I would love to read a follow-up of this book. They are easy to love, connect and understand.
  • The romance is masterfully written with the couple’s relationship blossoming from friendship into love. We feel their love and passion for each other. Their chemistry is undeniable from the beginning.
  • I was lucky to have a national holiday here, and I could read this book without many interruptions, only having to pick up my kids once at the beach. 🙂 This was a very addictive read that I didn’t want to part with.


Review 2


  • The cover!!! I know, some find it crazy that I give so much importance for cover and title, but I do buy many books only by its cover, and I do judge it along with the title. I love art, and I believe is can be expressed in many forms. My reading journey usually starts and ends with a cover, where I try to see the story I’m going to read. I would not buy this book without reading the blurb. I like the colors of fall, even the sort of blurry effect with the background, but I can’t really see Addie here, neither the mystery nor the fear that permeated the story.

I didn’t want to share you. Or admit that something changed when I met you. by Jake


You MAY buy this book because you enjoy a good mystery; you SHOULD buy this book because you like YA reads; but you MUST READ this book if you are looking for an endearing love story!!!








I felt a twinge of guilt at my lie but it wasn’t like I could explain yesterday’s events to her.  I distracted her by asking about our history assignment.  We had a few minutes before the bell rang so we hung out in the courtyard as she went over it with me.

I knew who it was as soon as he wrapped his arms around me. If nothing else the look of shock on Carly’s face would have clued me in.  He turned me around, his lips on mine before I could process his intentions.  I felt his hand against my pocket as he pulled back, giving me a wink before walking away.

“Oh my God.”  Carly said in shock.  I touched my lips, the faint impression of his still lingering.  That wasn’t how I thought my first kiss would happen but I also never could have imagined it would feel that way either.

He hadn’t said a word but I knew what he intended.  I put my hand in my pocket feeling the phone there.  He had declared his intentions by kissing me in the courtyard and anyone who hadn’t actually seen it would know about it soon enough.








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About Kristin Coley

I adore chocolate chip cookies, romance novels, and alone time. I live in south Louisiana with a collection of rescued dogs and cats. All of who are the loves of my life and well aware of the fact. Spoiled would be a good word to describe them. Writing is currently a hobby since it doesn’t pay the bills but my fond hope is one day I can consider it a full time job. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. Currently I spend my days wrangling tech guys in my job as an IT manager. I squeeze writing in between reading plus a million other things like cleaning. Guess what usually wins? Btw, I need to clean my house.

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Overall: four-half-stars
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