Book Tour & Giveaway: Lyrical Press Contemporary Romances

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Book Tour & Giveaway: Lyrical Press Contemporary Romances

Book Tour & Giveaway: Lyrical Press Contemporary RomancesBreaking Hearts by Melissa Shirley
Series: Storybook Lake #3
Published by Lyrical Shine on August 2, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 190
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Can tragedies have a happy ending in Storybook Lake?

Every town has one—a mean girl, hell-bent on taking down everything in her path—and Danielle Ranier played the role to a tee. She broke up Storybook Lake’s most beloved couple and to save herself from a lifetime of lectures on morality, she hopped on the first plane out of town. Six years, one child, and a big secret later, she’s back, fleeing from her abusive husband, who isn’t quite willing to set her free. Now on trial for a murder she didn’t commit, Simon Hunter, the only man she’s ever loved is offering her a lifetime of love and security. If she could only reveal the secrets long-held inside her, a family that never was might finally come together . . .


Breaking Hearts

Storybook Lake #3

Melissa Shirley


breaking hearts





How it all started.


Since the moment I first noticed boys in fifth grade, Simon Hunter was the boy I saw myself growing old with. He had the best smile, the most expressive honey-colored eyes, and a way with people that made an entire town love him. Even when he didn’t know it, he was everything to me. Any minute I could sneak into his presence was a minute I savored and cherished.


When we got around to the business of being adults, our schedules seldom coordinated, but we spent most Fridays together. I’d skipped out on the last three, wanting him to see what it would be like without me. I wanted him to miss me with a desperate passion.


The missing only happened on my end, and I had the phone log to prove it. As it went to voice mail, I glared at my phone and left my tenth message…a pitiful, I-miss-you-please-call-me-and-let-me-know-you’re-okay kind of message. Since high school, he’d been my reason for waking up in the morning, the hero in the dreams I had every night, and the focus of all the moments in between. And damn it. Friday was our day.


After a quick makeup check, I left my apartment, the one we’d planned to share up until a few months ago when he started making all those trips to LA with Gatlin. I kicked the jealousy away with the toe of my shoe against a rock on the sidewalk.


For three full blocks, I took my frustration out on chunks of concrete until I strolled past the bakery. It took every ounce of my will not to press my nose against the window to see if he’d decided to loiter inside while his sister worked, or if he’d just run in to get some free pastries. His car was parked out front, so I leaned against it for a few minutes, waiting…remembering the first time he kissed me…the way his hand cupped the side of my face, the brush of his lips so softly over mine. Had we been sixteen? Seventeen? It was a lifetime ago


Book Tour & Giveaway: Lyrical Press Contemporary RomancesHead Over Heels by Crystal B. Bright
Series: Mama's Boys #3
Published by Lyrical Shine on August 2, 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 280
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Sometimes it takes hurt to open your heart…,

At twenty-two, Thane Wells is the highest-paid pitcher in Major League Baseball—and he owes it all to his adoptive Mama, “Queen” Elizabeth Sommerville, a wise, beautiful, entrepreneurial African-American woman who always encouraged him and his two white brothers to reach for the stars…the woman Thane still talks to daily. He never dreamed their most recent conversation would be their last. With his beloved supporter suddenly gone, Thane is grief-stricken, shaken, and vulnerable—especially to a woman like Kari Meyers.

Kari’s had her eye on Thane for a while, but strictly for business. As a junior sports agent, she’s hungry to sign him, especially when she hears his current agent will be retiring soon. When she finally locates Thane, she’s shocked to discover he’s attending his mother’s funeral—and he’s shocked to find Kari in his hotel room. Assuming she’s an escort is just the beginning of their misunderstandings. But one thing that’s clear is their mutual attraction. As a single mom with an NBA ex, Kari has a rule against dating athletes. Yet as circumstances bring the two closer together, they just might find they’re on the same team, heart and soul…


Head Over Heels

Mama’s Boys #3

Crystal B. Bright

head over heels









She turned, hoping to see Thane calling for her. Instead, she saw the other businessman who had been sitting with Alec Fogel. Out of curiosity, she waited as he walked up to her.


“Do I know you?” Kari asked as she held on to the strap of her purse.


“No. And I don’t know you, but I’d like to.” The statuesque older man ran his hand over his silver hair. “My name is Frank Milliner. I’m the owner of the Winning Edge Agency. I heard what you said in there to Thane Wells. What agency do you work at now?”


Kari regarded him for a moment before speaking. “I don’t. I was hoping to sign him up as my client.”


“Wait. You don’t work at an agency? How did you even know about him?”


Great. Another man who probably underestimated her passion for sports and her drive for a career. She would have to correct that perception right now.


“I could use someone like you in my company. I’m assuming you’ve finished school.” Frank crossed his arms over his chest as he studied her.


“Just graduated.”


He laughed and shook his head. “Yes, you are exactly what I need for my business. We should talk.” He tried to guide her back into the hotel.


Kari stayed cemented to the cracked walkway. “I’m not exactly welcome back in there. Can we meet somewhere else?”


Frank smiled. “Of course.”


Although she’d missed one opportunity, she hoped this one would turn out to be a winner. That didn’t mean she would be giving up on Thane Wells. He wouldn’t be the one who got away.





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goddess fish

About Crystal B. Bright

I started writing very young. My first story was a young adult romance called ‘Trudy’. I wish I could find it so I can see how far I’ve come from then to now. Hopefully it’s a grand leap!

After only one year at ODU I dropped out to ‘live life’. Little did I know, life is expensive and it doesn’t suffer fools lightly. So after working 3 jobs at one time just to make ends meet, I decided to go back to school.

With any school, you have to meet with an advisor before registering for classes. So my advisor asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up. I proudly answered that I wanted to be a novelist. She smiled, nodded and said, “That’s nice. Now what will you do for money?”

Ouch! So I hopped from journalism to professional writing to literature but my heart always brought me back to creative writing. I figured if I’m going to spend my money for my education then I should enjoy it. So I stuck to creative writing and was pleased to find a non-residency Master’s program for Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University. It’s the first in the country and invaluable. I learned so much and made great contacts.

About Melissa Shirley

I have been married for 23 years and together we have 8 kids. While both a blessing and sometimes a curse (think Christmas shopping), I find them each to be beautiful and smart and wonderful and exhausting.

I have always written, but with life, and the kids, writing fell by the way side. When a horrible tragedy struck our lives, I found that it was easier to get through each day if I could leave my own life for a bit and escape somewhere wonderful and magical. I read a ton of books looking for that place, and while a lot of them were simply amazing, I thought, hey, I can do this. I can create a haven for myself. And thus, Storybook Lake was born along with all the wonderful characters that I have grown to love.

Through writing, I have met some really spectacular people – both real and on paper and I wouldn’t trade any one of them. For that reason alone, I will continue to write, both to share my life with the real friends I have met and to keep the love blossoming for the characters I create.

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